On Skinheads

I’m reblogging again.  I’ve been reblogging a lot lately because if I don’t feel inspired to write or if I don’t find the time to do so,  I think it’s good for me to promote other good White Nationalist writers that I like.  I hope my readers find the things I post inspirational.

The following are actually the words of Matthew Heimbach (Although they are not from his website), who bravely stood with skinheads in Sacramento a few months ago against a LOT of anti-White “antifa”.  (It’s said there was a 10-1 ratio of “Antifa” to Pro-White).

Often people make the mistake of thinking skinheads are either those of the Jewish anti-White propaganda film American History X or thinking that prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood that put more stock in running drugs than being pro-White are White nationalist skinheads. These portrayals are simply propaganda put out by the enemy to demonize working class Whites who organize on the local level to defend their communities and to take a stand for their people.

He further states:

One of the biggest failures of our movement historically has been the division of groups based on class. Members of our Cause can posture and pose about being above working with everyday folks, but it is those dedicated men and women who are the frontlines in this struggle and our necessary for our success.
The State is increasingly anti-White, refusing to enforce the rule of law when radical Leftists attack us. We need blue collar men who are willing to defend our political space, march in the streets and be able to talk to and recruit other working class White men and women.
One of our primary functions as a movement must be uniting our people and promoting class cooperation, gender cooperation and religious cooperation. The enemy seeks to divide us, we must unite as one people; standing shoulder to shoulder in defense of our folk.

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