Don’t Get Jewed With Conspiracy Theories


I want to caution my White Nationalist friends not to get caught up in Conspiracy Theories.

Jews and their minions love to sow confusion while taking your money.  One of the latest theories/hoaxes that is gaining traction is the Mandela Effect.

You can go to a website and explore this topic for hours if you like and you can BUY a t-$hirt.  All to explore whether or why some sentences out of  Pop/Jew culture appear to be different than what most people remember them as.  Ugh.  Really?

Alex Jewnes is a ready example of a time waster snake oil salesman.  I have zero respect for anyone who listens to that clown/disinformation agent and buys gold from him.  Don’t be a retard.

Wake up completely and realize the most important conspiracy is the one to destroy an entire race of people.  If you’ve got time to kill perhaps you could spend some of it working on THAT situation.  There are at least 6 kinds of actions to choose from:

  1.  Direct action-Toe to toe.  You know what I’m talking about.
  2. Political action
  3. Family Formation and the protection and nurturance of said family
  4. Invent things that might help us in some way
  5. Write, blog, make WN movies, etc.
  6. Community Service to Whites-Give money or time to White Families-ie. food pantries, scholarships etc.  This can be done one-on-one rather than by forming non-profits

And you ARE allowed to do more than one of these actions.  A lot of us have had children already and we do some of the other things on the list now that our children are older.  Don’t wait for someone else to fix this situation.  Get onboard.  Getting active will make you richer than a thousand hours of video games, television, movie viewing or shill following ever could.

Edit:  I should clarify something.  I actually believe in many theories, some quite wild.  My point was, we mustn’t spend too much time down these rabbit holes when there’s work to do.  I also still think Alex Jones is a POS.


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