The Kind of (((People))) Who Need to Die

Tick tock, tick tock * When are you going to die Lena Dunham?

Check out this ratface.  See the greasy hair and purposely shabby, unkempt bangs.  Her attention whoring has led her to say she wishes she had had an abortion.  She’s beyond the pale and she need to live beyond the pale…if she’s allowed to live at all.

Frankly, I’ll bet she already HAS had an abortion.  And even if she hasn’t, this piece of crap is simply doing what jews do, trying to convince young women to be unkempt (unattractive to men) baby killers.

When is this bitch going to move to Canada anyway?  God what a whore of satan.  These jews gotta go!

*Tick tock is reminiscent of jew Tim Wise’s 2010 article where he rejoices in (what he hopes is) the coming death of the White race.  Here’s his edited version.   (Trigger alert).


4 thoughts on “The Kind of (((People))) Who Need to Die

  1. Denise

    I think that matzo-ball face kike should give itself an abortion. It’s spawner forgot to do this 30 years ago. FYI – I FULLY support abortions for kikes and negroes.

  2. Ryu

    Tick Tock hasn’t been too vocal lately, M. His address got out, and he’s afraid of the big bad racists under the bed and in the closets.

    That was a good comment from the Jewess. She’s frightened away even the feminists. Someone should create a hashtag #AbortJewBabies. She could champion it.


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