Stirrings in Ireland


The Irish people are finally getting more racial.  “Hate Crimes” are up. (although most is just verbal).  The Lügenpresse are saying the cause of this increase in racism is institutional racism.  Ha!  If any of you believe that there is even a hint of racial awareness or concern for true Europeans by its rulers, I’ve got some swampland to sell you in Florida.

Europeans worldwide have demonstrated incredible restraint as their lands are being conquered and colonized by almost every breed of non-White, many of which would and do kill us, when they have the opportunity.  At the very least, they take our jobs, our housing, our medical care, our schools and give nothing in return AND WORSE, destroy our home countries by adding more crime, filth, and their horrible manners.  I’m impatient for the time when we take our lands back.  We are at WAR and we must protect and preserve ourselves.

Check the latest info, fresh from Europe from  ¡Yes Pasaran!


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