You Don’t Need a Job


I’m astounded at how many people today insist they need to work for other people, sometimes (((people))) until they day they die.

Welcome to the 21st century folks.  You’re late!  Now I understand some of you have families and I certainly would never tell anyone to quit their job without savings or anything.  We all NEED money.  Still, the advent of the internet has brought many, many opportunities to work from home with it.  Some of these opportunities don’t cost a dime and you can start in your spare time.  We all have a spare hour a day.  We can either use it to make our future better or we can fritter it away watching television (gawd i hope you’re not still watching television), listening to degenerate music, etc.

Here are just a few ideas to whet your appetite.  Here’s one that just dawned on me today, although it’s been around for a while.  There are videos on YouTube that are in the “creative commons” category meaning the person who made the video has given you and everyone else the right to use it.  AND Youtube ACTUALLY has editing software so you can splice together videos, add music from a list they have of creative commons music, add commentary and other fancy do-dads and there ya go.  You’ve just made a video.  If you get good enough at making videos, you can actually make money from doing it.  Maybe millions or maybe a few thousand a month.  And you’ll be working for yourself.  There are a couple of ways I know of to make money with YT.  You can become an affiliate marketer where you are paid a commission from selling other companies’ products (like amazon for instance).  Youtube also pays people with high numbers of watchers to add advertising to their site.  You could also sell your own products (if you have any) through Youtube.

Blogging.  There are definitely still people making a living from blogging.  Like anything, you will have to make a huge time commitment to it and work on creating high quality content.  There are tons of YouTube videos and articles on the net on how to set up a wordpress site.  It’s not hard if you take the time and follow directions.  The subjects you could cover are endless.  If you want to make money, you’ll usually want to pick something popular because you need people reading, in order to make money.

Information products.  So if you know how to do something, you can create a book or video (do you have a video camera on your phone?)  course on how to do it, then market it on your popular blog or youtube channel.  It you don’t have a blog or vid channel you can offer it on Udemy or a similar platform.  You don’t have to mail anything out.  It’s all digital so once a customer pays for your course you just email it to them (or use Udemy’s platform to get it to them) and cash your check (or transfer the money from your paypal account to your bank, but you get the idea).  As with all the ideas I’m sharing, you’ll need to put the time in to make your product excellent because there IS competition.  How long do you spend working at your dead-end job?  Perhaps you could put in 10 hours a week toward creating a body of work that makes you money.  Money can be made on blogs doing affiliate marketing, allowing advertisers to put ads on your site etc.

You can become a social media manager.  Some of us have spent WAY too much time on social media such as fakebook and tweeter.  Put that experience to use by learning how to build facebook business pages, fan pages or groups and then get people to pay you for posting to their page everyday, managing their messages and comments, and so on.  Some people get a thousand a month and more for managing one account.  You can do something similar with twitter.  LinkedIn is also SUPER popular with the professional crowd now.  You can sell your (or other people’s) products or  businesses there.

Learn to make websites.  You DON’T need to know code to do this although you’ll probably pick some up along the way (it’s not as difficult as you think).  TONS of people are using wordpress to make awesome websites for themselves or others.  A great looking wordpress website goes for at least $1500 on the open market.  When you get good at it, you can probably get one done in 10-20 hours.  Do the math on your hourly rate!

Some other ideas below.  I hope you’ll look them up.  Google gives you access to a UNIVERSE of ideas.

Create music, load it onto iTunes, Stitcher or the like and market it everywhere (Youtube, Facebook, Craigslist, your own blog, etc)

Be a podcaster-A podcast is like a radio show and there are many tools you can use to start your own podcast.

Be a free-lance writer.  I don’t recommend hiring yourself out on freelance or fiverr though.  They don’t pay well.  Market yourself of LinkedIn, Craigslist, your blog, your youtube channel, etc.

Keep in mind that for any of these businesses, marketing is SOOOOO important.  I have a friend who writes nice books BUT he refuses to spend time marketing them so few people read them and he doesn’t make any money.  Learn how to market so you can be successful.  Here’s a free course you can take to help you learn online marketing. 

Also, don’t feel like a Jew for wanting to make money.  I used to feel that way.  I didn’t want to be part of the system.  Then I realized that unless I’m going to live under a rock and eat berries or grass, I’m IN the system.  If you work for a company, THEY are marketing so you can have that job.  Marketing is a necessary evil.  It can also be rewarding seeing your influence and bank account grow.  As long as you aren’t scamming people or promoting something that is harmful (such as porn) you are simply adapting to what IS.   And if you make enough money eventually perhaps you could opt out of the current system.  You could by that farm and live off the land if you wanted.

Finally, one great thing about having internet influence is you could use it to build a huge audience and make lots of money then, out yourself and help educate our people about the ongoing genocide of Europeans these kikes are pushing.  Perhaps you have heard of Pewdie Pie.  He’s a handsome White man who has made millions on Youtube and he’s now on the cusp or going full Nazi publicly.  Do you have any idea how many young people watch this guy on youtube?  The video he uploaded yesterday has almost a million views already.

Ok, that’s plenty of ideas.  Try not to be overwhelmed with all the opportunity.  I’m serious.  Please, also comment about any internet opportunities you have taken advantage of and also ask me any questions you might have about one of these topics and I will try to steer you in the right direction.





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