I Live in an Enclave

and I love it.

Even though I live in horrible California, I have found a way to live in a little White enclave.

I feel safe.  People wave hello and wish each other well.  We say, “Happy Halloween” and “Merry Christmas” to each other.  These are like codewords now!

Recently, I went to a church function with a friend.  I’m not super Christian anymore but I kind of got dragged into this thing.  Ya know what?  It was another White enclave.  Honestly, most of the women (it was a women’s breakfast) aren’t THAT into Christianity.  They mostly talk about clothes, puppies, their kids, etc.  And they are super nice.  Not because they are Christian, but because they are my people.  I just smiled at the women and they smiled back because we are kinfolk and we GET each other.  I was almost in tears at the love in that room and I really don’t feel that it had much to do with the baby Jesus.  These little woman enclaves are OUR safe spaces where we can be our kind, loving selves.

Races are always going to self segregate.  It’s a beautiful thing.






6 thoughts on “I Live in an Enclave

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I suppose a lot of our people tend to migrate to enclaves. I did not always do it because I was clueless! And shortly before I FINALLY woke up, I unknowingly did the White Flight thing. It was hysterical because when I visited my child’s new school for an orientation, the first presentation slide showed the demographics of the school! You could have heard a pin drop because it was SO non-PC to show that slide first! Still, even though I knew it was “naughty” and even though I wasn’t quite awake, I was congratulating myself on moving to this wonderful White area. I had arrived!

  1. Craig

    First time I moved into an enclave it was predominately underclass white, wasn’t too bad.

    This time we made it into a mix of salt of the earth people and a few white flight refugees like us, actually my area all the families with young children are white flight refugees. It’s awesome, went to a 4yr old party, 5 families, 20 white children running around…

    Our message is gaining, a high IQ feminist chick I know who 2 years ago was SJW to a degree, has come round to alt right talking points.

    The factors influencing this the rise of Trump, who she thought would never win, and mass immigration of Islam… once that Rubicon is crossed so flows the JQ…

    Islams mass immigration, dig this, she worked under a Muslim dentist, she got exposed to this moderate Muslim, hahahaha found out what Muslim patriarchy is all about. Apparently my type of patriarchy is attractive…

    I had her today agreeing with me that high IQ white women like her, need to have more white babies… She even has a stay at home dad lined up. She would be 23. LOL how the worm turns.

    You feeling the positive vibe?

    It’s bliss we can feel a little of the enemies pain. Being we’re having positive gains, our insane enemies are more likely to lash out with every thing they got up their sleeve. We must make the most of there miss steps.

    Seeing all the ubiquitous libfag tears, has been sooo good.


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