You Will Never Be European

I don’t care if you were born here.  I don’t care if you are “hispanic white”.  I don’t care if you are a light-skinned persian, light-skinned negro, light-skinned asian etc.  You will never be us.  We are the proud descendents of the great explorers of the world, the builders of the greatest civilizations ever and the most sophisticated technology.  We are the people of romance, the people of poetry, the people of advanced musical instruments.  We are the people who made slavery illegal.  We are the people who gave women rights.  We are superior.  We are supreme.

I hope someday we will make White countries restrictive to foreigners like China is.  Check out this video where these two self-hating race-mixers talk about how they are second class citizens (oops, no, no citizenship for you Whitey) in China after marrying Chinese females.


5 thoughts on “You Will Never Be European

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