The Basket of Hate

It’s a funny thing.  Most of us White Nationalists (Supremacists, Racists or whatever you Anti-Whites decide to call us) don’t actually have visceral  hate for people of color.  Maybe we should…but most of us don’t.  Surprised?

Maybe we do have a natural dislike…I remember the first time I saw a black person, I must have been around 5 years old, I thought he must be dirty to be so dark.  Is that hate?  Trust me, my mom quickly shamed me for thinking such a naughty thought and from then on I was very tolerant of the dirty look of Blacks.  LOL.

And as time went on, like a good liberal, I became more and more tolerant of Blacks even though I was rarely around them until I left home.  Although I have live much of my life under the poverty line…I excused the bad behavior of many Blacks as a poverty problem.  They didn’t have all opportunity I had, I thought.  Funny how I bought that line.  My  parents had low pay/low status jobs AND (being proud people) refused to fill out forms for government grants or loans that could have helped me get into a good college.  Yah, I was so privileged!

After I left home and lived down south for a while I met many more Blacks.  What a shock.  Many, many that I met lived on government assistance and when I (in my youth and innocence) asked if they were going to get a job soon they laughed at me and said, “Naw honey”.  What a difference from my proud parents who wouldn’t take government assistance for their children’s future and these people who lived year after year on other people’s money!

I still don’t feel much HATE for Blacks though.  I just don’t want them mooching off us and perpetrating violence against us because we don’t do enough for them.   Their HATRED of US is becoming very plain to see and separation is the only answer.


9 thoughts on “The Basket of Hate

  1. Ryu

    Ha. You are like the liberals, who are true racists also.

    They cannot hate minos, because minos are inferior to whites. We are above them. Hating blacks is like hating monkeys or children. One can only hate when there is a threat. The blacks are animals to you, lowly creatures, and are not even worthy of hate…I salute you!

  2. Joshua Sinistar

    These creeps cannot distinguish between hate and disgust. Hate is a personal thing. The left takes everything personally. That’s why Hate is so pervasive in all of them. I don’t care enough about these vermin to actually hate them. That said, I don’t want them here either. They will leave, one way or another. Like they like to chant. By any means necessary.

  3. yespasaran

    Emotion doesn’t factor into it. We do what is necessary to achieve the 14 words, or we die.
    Aside from that, how are you doing? I haven’t seen you post in a while.


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