Race War in the UK! White kids say, “We go where we want!”

Two people have been taken to hospital and seven more have been arrested after a mass brawl in south-east London. The fight appeared to be between a group of predominantly white boys and another group of mainly black boys.

I’ll bet these young White boys will grow up to do some serious Jimmy Rustling!

Check out the action!

Edit: I found a new article tonight which goes into more detail about the racial aspect of this situation.  Here’s the money quote:

Racially motivated gangs have long existed in the area. The initials of a white gang called Racial Attack or ‘RA’, is splashed on the walls of the rugby club.

T-Block, a black gang from Woolwich, was said to have been involved on Monday. Territories are fiercely guarded by boys seeking ‘respect’ from their peers. The ‘North Heath boys’ are particularly possessive about ‘their’ park and there is speculation that on Monday, a black gang may have strayed into their area.

Here’s the article:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3805024/What-hope-parents-turn-watch-pitched-battle-three-schools-hand-weapons.html


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