Someone firebombed a mosque in Edinburghmosque

What the heck is a mosque doing in Edinburgh?  It’s really funny looking too.


5 thoughts on ““Deplorable”

  1. Chris

    Home of the Scottish. And look at what they have now, a mixed pool of people, who just don’t belong.

    My views are simple, Germany for the ethnic Germans, Poland for the ethnic Polish, Britain for the ethnic Brits and so on.

    Not hard to understand, but rothschild zionist new world order is working overtime. They must perish for crimes against Europe, and our White race.

    Punishment should begin w/ Soros from Hungary. That scum supports all the non-sense happening in Europe. Rumor has it, Putin has an international arrest warrant out for soros.

  2. Ryu

    This is a helpful sign. Fire destoys some, but not all evidence. It is a rather easy crime to get away with. A small fire can cause some very expensive damage.


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