Vive La France-They’ve still got it!

fire-in-franceSomebody set a migrant center near Paris on fire and BURNED IT TO THE GROUND!   They migrants hadn’t moved in yet.  Very proactive I must say.  The “authorities” warn they are going to prosecute whoever did it.  From what I understand, arson is one of the hardest crimes to deal with.  People get away with arson a lot.  In the United States only 15% of arsonists get caught.  All the evidence burns up!

Read the story here.



One thought on “Vive La France-They’ve still got it!

  1. Denise

    Europe has cameras everywhere, but if people are a little clever, identification can be avoided. Forensic experts in arson can glean loads of info from a scene. The TV “Dexter” yielded loads of tips on how to do things. So does the show “Forensic Files”.

    The way that most people are found out is because they TALK. They tell some-one else, and the beans get spilled, for varying reasons.

    On a wholly unrelated note – Human bio-rhythms are at their very lowest point at approx. 4AM. That’s zero hour, for the body’s need to sleep. 4AM, for some reason, is the hour when people who work overnight are the most sluggish, and must fight HARD to stay awake.


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