More Holohoaxing

I ran across the story today of a family of SEVEN dwarfs who claim to have ALL survived Joseph Mengele’s experiments at Auschwitz.  What a circus!  What a show!  Supposedly, the Ovitz family was alternately experimented on AND forced to perform for the other residents.

Apparently Perla Ovitz the youngest child in the family denies that her family ever performed in the death camp.

Also another sister, Elizabeth Ovitz said one day in Auschwitz, when so much blood was taken from her and her baby Shimshon that she passed out she took her baby and ran and hid in the bushes outside the clinic until night.  Later though, it was determined that there was no way to run from the building AND there weren’t any bushes to run to.

Everyone (Jewish) wants in on the survivor act.  The show must go on!


PS.  Ovitz and oven mitts rhyme.  Just sayin.



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