Proof that Antifa Pre-Meditated Violence


Brown Shirted Guy Attacks White Advocate

This donation webpage is proof that the Anti-White Antifa were planning violence against the brave White Skinheads that rallied in Sacramento, California on Sunday (yesterday).  The rally was against globalism.  There are a lot of people who are tired of globalism.

This webpage came out before the rally and it uses  language like “Shut them down”. How do you shut down a peaceful rally other than with violence? (Obviously, these people don’t believe in the rights “guaranteed” by American Constitution and will be more comfortable with a more fascist form of government.  Good.)

The creators of this website believed that arrests of the traitorous scumbags they represent were imminent and that they would need funds to be available for legal fees.  They planned to get physical with the Pro-White people.  That much is clear.  Leftie/Commie Scum feel completely justified and comfortable (even including their real names in some cases on this donation page!)  I wonder if they used some of the money that was donated to buy the sticks they were carrying!  Make a copy of the page for our archives.

Seems to me that 400 “Antifa” could have shouted down a measly 30 Skinheads.  Why  was the violence necessary? It’s just plain bullying.  I thought lefties were AGAINST bullying.

And isn’t it amazing that 30 Skin heads could win in a conflict with 400 “Antifa”.

Check out the page.



3 thoughts on “Proof that Antifa Pre-Meditated Violence

  1. Ryu

    If it were an ordinary situation, the police might press some manner of charges against the leftists. Of course, this does not happen in modern America.


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