Okay. Let’s Talk About the Gorilla Killing.

It’s always sad when an animal is killed for doing what comes naturally.

The silver lining in the whole Harambe debacle is that it is becoming very clear that we are at Peak Negro.  People can’t help but notice that no matter how much we scold, Negroes and their baby mamas don’t seem to care as much about their offspring as we would wish.  One more time Murka collectively sees that the Negro is very different from us.

I’m sure the negligent so-called mother will sue the zoo for whatever but that’s okay, it’s just one more nail in the coffin of the black race.  People are getting tired of their s***.  If black lives matter so much, how about taking care of yourselves instead of expecting everyone else to do it?

Not MY problem!


One thought on “Okay. Let’s Talk About the Gorilla Killing.

  1. Ryu

    I didn’t know the kid was black, but it makes sense.

    Things are changing, slowly. I get the feeling this is going to take many years now. It was hard to start, but will be harder to stop.


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