Naming and Shaming the Jew

I went to a rally a few years ago.  It wasn’t a racial rally, it was something else.  Anyway, these sort of events draw agitators; people who are paid to start trouble and make sure everybody stays PC.

So there’s this Jew agitator at the rally.  He is ok with a spanish translation of everything but NOT okay with some guy holding a confederate flag.  I got in his face about his hypocrisy.  He said to me, “You’re a racist, racist, racist!”

All I could think of to say back to him was, “You’re a jew, jew, jew!”

I didn’t know at the time how important those words were.  You can call a jew anything.  Pedo, pervert, war-monger, whatever….just don’t call them a jew.  It strikes incredible fear in their hearts.

This guy slunk away like the snake that he was.  It was awesome.

The best part was, none of the White people at the rally shamed me for it!  I wonder if they remember the incident still.

I have to say…I know that as a woman I can get away with a lot more than a man can.  I use this to my advantage.

I’ll also say this…from time to time in the newspaper we get told how this guy or that guy got charge with a “hate crime” but honestly, a lot of the time, no one around gives a crap if you want to speak up about race or jews…say your peace and leave if you want.  (specially if you live in a big anonymous city).

Working together we are making progress folks!  Keep up the great work!





3 thoughts on “Naming and Shaming the Jew

  1. Denise

    I remember you writing that. I recently Named the Jew, at a political event. The topic of conversation was invasion. I stated that Jews have been THE force for Open Borders since the Taft Act, and Jews have colluded with Muslims for centuries to invade and destroy White Christian Nations. The KNOWN Jew in the room froze, and another White man asked if I had proof. The White Cuck was shocked, of course. I have provided plenty of info, but I have yet to get a response. The White male Cuck is a Christard Jew Worshipper. It’s going to take time………at least he asked.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Haha…I wasn’t sure if I had written about that experience already or not. It was kind of a defining moment for me so I think about it a lot.

      Thank you Denise for doing what you do. You are very active in your community and that takes a lot of guts. I’m glad the Christard asked for information! That’s a departure from all the shaming! We have so much hope these days!


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