Stop Being So Nice

I remember it like it was yesterday.  A few years ago I went to a lovely outdoor Christmas concert. It was a great time with friends and others in the community, mostly White. There were hundreds of people in attendance.

At the end of the concert, it was announced that next year, there would also be some Hannukah music at the concert. You could have heard a pin drop. No one said a word and finally roughly three people politely clapped their hands.

No one wanted Hanukkah music played at the Christmas concert. But no one said a word about it including me.

This is how Jews win. They depend on our politeness and sense of fairness. If we complain, they have plenty of nasty words to call us. And we seem to care what these lizards think!

It’s time to stop being so nice. Nice will be the death knell of our people. Whatever you think of Donald Trump, no one could accuse him of being nice. Let’s follow his example and deal with these things.  Be smart about it though.  The Donald has bodyguards, we don’t. No one can fire him.

You don’t have to do your business in the moment. Make a plan and follow through.  Work behind the scenes to make things happen. If we all work together, we can keep things moving in the right direction. Much progress has already been made! Congratulate yourself and keep going! I salute you!


11 thoughts on “Stop Being So Nice

  1. Denise

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    I’ve been saying this for literally years. Whites have been so deracinated, cowed, bullied and slandered that we’d rather be exterminated than “aggressive/rude/mean”. Yet our murderers ae not worried about being kind, gentle, fair, nor “tolerant” of us. They’ve used our generosity and good manners against us for decades. WHY are putting up with this? Learn how to fight back, and make a scene. It’s not only liberating, it’s FUN. Too bad that the entire audience didn’t boo, and throw chairs. NEXT TIME DO IT.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      Throw chairs!? Hahaha! That DOES sound fun as long as we throw them at the right people. Thanks for the re-blog my friend and for your real life activism all these years. You’re doing your ancestors proud!

  2. Dark Side of the Moon

    Aryan Street, you are FAR nicer than me. I would have yelled out something. I still do at certain times if need be.


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