I Want To Be White

How many mixed race children feel this way?

The little boy in the article wants to use the lotion in the White container because he thinks it will make HIM White.  Later in the article, the father who wrote the article says, “He doesn’t want to be different in his own home.”  The author also asks people with “monochromatic” families to pray for these mixed families.  Why do you need prayers?  YOU have done this to this child, and to your own children.  Make amends by telling others not to follow in your path!

I also know of a White couple who adopted a negro child and they are going to raise him in MAINE, the Whitest state in the country.  What a horrible thing to do to a child.  Imagine being the only brown or black kid in the school.  School is hard enough.

White man, White woman if you want to give a child a happy life, have a White child.  FIRST, you will love them more.  Science has shown that when left to our own devises (and usually IN SPITE of attempts to brainwash us to do otherwise) humans hang out with people that are like them.  They PREFER people who look like themselves.  They BUY FROM people who look like themselves.  It’s just the way it is.  Brown people are the same way.

By having a brown child that doesn’t look like you, your child will be less loved by you AND the White people around him and her.  Being a parent is hard enough without making your child less lovable by you.  Even when you have a White child, there are times you wish you could disappear for a few days, trust me.  If your child is foreign looking to you, chances are you might.  Or you might abuse the child.

At the very best though, assuming you love the child and are giving him or her all the advantages you can  (except giving him a White parent and White genes), he or she is going to want to look and be like his or her mommy and daddy.  Science has shown that this is a completely normal situation!  You are setting your children up for failure if you make them brown.

Even in adoption situations as long as both the child and the parent are both White, the child can reasonably aspire to be like mom or dad.  I even knew of one situation where an adopted little girl was told all the time that she looked like her adopted mom by people who didn’t know she was adopted. The little girl would beam with pride when people told her this!  Do you think people would say this if the child looked startlingly different from her mum?  No way.

I won’t even go into the fact that White people have a higher IQ than most races so by race mixing, there’s a strong chance your child will have a lower IQ than he or she would if you’d mated with a White person.  You can google this topic if you care enough to (if not, why not????).

Give your children the best shot at life that you possible can and help them to feel secure in WHO they are.  Get together with and have children with someone as nice looking and intelligent as yourself.  You will get over your fetish with “exoticism” or “strange” as it is so appropriately called today.   One day you will look at your lovely children and grandchildren sitting around the dinner table and you will be SO glad you did the right thing.  I know I am.





6 thoughts on “I Want To Be White

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      “I Want To Be White”

      Sorry. Thank for letting me know Denise.

  1. Skeeter

    Good post, Mo — I give it a “like.” My kids are white, too. Our resources are limited, but my wife and I do what we can to stand by them as best we can. I’d say there are few white U.S. families untouched by miscegenation, though. My brother bred with and married a mestizo. Nice woman, nice two kids, but I’m still highly disappointed in him. His older kid could “pass” for white, the younger one, not really. Nice kid, though. We’re not monsters here, right? I mean what am I supposed to do or say about it?

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