Technology is Working Against Us

Sadly, when a White man makes a discovery than could help our race survive or thrive, instead of keeping it for his people, he sells his idea to the highest bidder.  Since most of the people with money now are Jews or Jew helpers, the tech is used for evil.

Since this is the case, we must hold back the technology.  Every wire, every piece of concrete is being used against us.

In the same vein, city living with it’s Jew “entertainment” (With the White race in CERTAIN peril, do we even have time for entertainment?) and conveniences should be anathema to those who want our race to survive.

Sure, because of modern technology, we can write blogs and go on forums but honestly, do most of us trust each other enough to even MEET in real life?   No.  We must eschew these conveniences and build trust relationships with those around us, preferably in the country (rural area) where the international Jew and his shabbos goy helpers aren’t able to hide out and get away with their nonsense.

This is why the most dangerous and active Jew wants us all in cities.  They hide in their anonymity there and can plunder the sheeple with impunity.  The internet or World Wide Web works the same way where you can be ripped off by an anonymous stranger in Nigeria or elsewhere and have no recourse.  The Nigerian or Jew or whoever can keep this cycle going endlessly.

Better to be in and invest yourself in a small community where you know everyone and can keep tabs on the newbies.  You can build your reputation and trust there and everyone benefits.  In a small community without government control, we could call out the Jew before they even got started taking advantage of us.

If you are serious about White survival think about how you can stop contributing to our genocide (for starters, stop PAYING for “entertainments” such as cable television, movies, magazines etc.) and think about how you can build a trusting community.

I am open to your ideas.  Please comment.





1 thought on “Technology is Working Against Us

  1. Ryu

    Tech is largely a tool for the enemy. White scientists and engineers made most of these devices, and sold them to the highest bidder.

    STEM will not save the white race. Only “human technology” will. The large part of what we do in this blogging business is building trust.


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