Jews Everywhere

Even a couple of my White Nationalist friends think I’m overly sensitive to the Jewish problem.  One told me, you think there’s a Jew under every rock.

That’s right, I do.  There are Jews slithering around in all of our affairs too.

I have been teaching myself to recognize a Jew when I see one.  I think it’s an important skill to have.  Here is one of my training manuals.  

I also rarely watch TV and when I do it is because I’m in someone’s home and I’m trying not to be rude.  TV brainwashes us.  Most people don’t even know what a European looks like anymore, for instance.

Today when I saw this Mark Barden person, who supposedly lost a child in the Sandy Hook massacre, speaking out for more gun control, I knew immediately he was a Jew.  His skin is darker than a White person’s skin, for starters.  And for God’s sake, look at this schnoz.


Jew Barden without trick photography

This photo has disappeared from the article where it originally appeared.

So I started researching on the internet to see what I could find.  This will be old news to many of you but I wanted to post it for those that may not be aware of it.  This article spells out the Jewish involvement in Sandy Hook very well.

I don’t pay attention to “the news” because there’s not much new about it. Once in a while though I delve into a story and find the Jews.  If the story is about curtailing our rights, or destroying our orderly society, finding the Jews is like shooting fish in a barrel.   Too easy.

Jews make it so easy to hate them.  Can’t they learn from the past?

jew mad


3 thoughts on “Jews Everywhere

  1. Ryu

    You are right to be suspicious. Pierce too was like this. You’re both right. But one has to take care not to appear nuts.


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