Take Care of Yourself

A friend sent me this article.  I had seen it before but it deserves a second look.

Crystal had been to the doctor, who told her she was overweight and diabetic. She was WAITING TO GET MEDICINE, but few in her family knew it, and no one thought she was near death. (CAPS mine)

As usual, the Jew Media acts confused about why bad things are happening to White people.  A quick glance at Crystal’s photo shows one reason she may have died too young.  Obesity.  In an age where women are told to embrace their fatness, diabetes and other fat related diseases are rising among our people.  Fat is NOT beautiful.  It is unhealthy.  Men are hard-wired to avoid unhealthy females for a reason.  Some signs of disease are obesity, skin conditions, thin hair, limps, humped-backs, etc.  In a natural environment, the unhealthy and the ugly are less likely to breed.  It is sad for the woman (or man) who is in this position but it is better for a society in the long run, not to bring sick people into the world.  Sick people cost too much in resources.  Resources that could be used to strengthen the Tribe (or society) by putting the resources into the healthy members so they can excel.

We have an unhealthy situation in the world now though, by design.  Unhealthy, less intelligent people are breeding more than the healthy/more intelligent people and their medical costs alone are probably going to collapse the system.

I encourage my White Brothers and Sisters not to get caught in this unhealthy paradigm.  Breed UP if at all possible and raise your children and their children to do the same.  Discourage cigarette smoking (another of Crystal’s bad habits that may have killed her early).   There is NO excuse to start smoking and if you have please stop!

Education is important too.  If you are poor, you can usually get the same government grants for junior college as non-Whites do.  Are you going to let the Niggers get better educated than you?  If you get straight As in junior college, you may be able to get a scholarship for the next two years of college.  If not, you can work your way through college like so many of our people did in the past.  In fact, in some families, siblings put each other through college.  One or two would work and help the one in school, then when he was finished, another sibling might have the opportunity to got to school.  Or the educated sibling would take care of his siblings in the future in exchange.  Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Note:  You will probably want to get educated in higher end things like engineering, medicine etc.  Things that most non-Whites can’t handle mentally.

Did any of you see any other problem’s with Crystal’s life that may have contributed to her early death?  Please comment below so we can all learn.

Bad health and poor living conditions are not our “lot in life”.  Ease up on reading bad news  and start doing more to improve your life and that of your progeny.

I welcome your feedback.

Edit:  Apparently Crystal did not smoke cigarettes.  Also, the article suggests that women having a job (and therefore a social network) helps them live longer.  That may be true but only because to “not work” in America is very isolating because everyone is at work all day, while you are home alone (or with small children).  Also, “non-working” people are made to feel horrible in our consumerist society.  If you aren’t bringing in the federal reserve notes, you are usually made to feel useless, even if you are doing the most important job of mothering children!


9 thoughts on “Take Care of Yourself

  1. Ryu

    Seems to have been a strong genetic component. Sometimes, people just croak. It happens to children and teens also.

    The American lifestyle is not healthy. Many make their living offering cures for this.

  2. dick8johnson

    Good advice. I can see this would be helpful to build confidence and a sense of usefulness to the disillusioned. Brotherhood would be created in families, schools, employment.

    I know I would have liked to have the truth at a young age. This grand cover up is not helpful.

  3. Skeeter

    Hi, Maureen! Skeeter here from the old MWIR site, still alive and kicking. Good to see you are, too, and excellent advice all around in your post above. I was pleasantly surprised the other day to hear you on a podcast from Might Is Right Network. I didn’t even realize it was you til you mentioned this blog at the end. Great show there, too!

  4. Dark Side of the Moon

    The reason the elite live longer is that they have access to good organic food and produce. Since we’re not in the club, it makes sense to eat as good as we can. Any white person or white mom needs to apply for SNAP as soon as possible. WIC will pay for a lot more things now. I noticed this in the grocery store the other night. Whites have to stop being ashamed of receiving benefits and just get the free shit like everyone else does. If my husband and I can grow a decent garden and we’re in our 50’s, younger whites can do the same. It’s not that hard.

    It’s important to eat good things such as fruits, vegetables, beans and rice, wholesome dairy products and good grains. All these trendy and designer diets like the Paleo and Wheat Belly are fine to live by, but most poor whites cannot afford it and don’t have the time or the energy to put together elaborate menu plans.

    I stopped drinking soda. I’m down to a can a day, period. I drink lots of water, diluted juice and tea. I spend good money on food and I’ve found the higher quality of food I buy, the less hungry am. If I’m going to be gone all day I carry a cooler with water, fruit and protein.

    Braggs apple cider vinegar (2TB) with baking soda (1TB) with water is an excellent tonic, doesn’t taste that bad and will help cure a UTI. There are so many natural cures out there for health and wellness, I won’t take up space doing that here.

    My husband and I are going dark, so you’re probably not going to see me posting again, not for a long time, but I’ll occasionally peek in and see how you’re doing.

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  6. Skeeter

    The woman, Crystal, fell into the now-all-too-common diabetes/obesity trap harming white folks and every other race in this country. I’m sorry to say, though, that i think fully a solid half of the white race alive in America today should be culled from the herd. Maybe Crystal could’ve been fitter to survive under different life circumstances. I can’t say for sure, but her story’s sad nonetheless. I care about my own race more than others, so that’s make me you-know-what.

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