Most People Are Actually National Socialists

First, most “popular opinion” polls are fixed.

I figured this out years ago when I saw BRAND NEW books listed high on the Jew York Times Best Seller list.  Umm, yeah.

A lot of “popular” sports outcomes are fixed too.  All these close games…they are for your entertainment and so you can watch lots of advertising and learn how to love the negro.

But apparently in Czechoslovakia, there is a public contest which is (somewhat) not fixed.  And a music band which plays Pro-Czechoslovakian (aka anti-Muslim Immigration) songs is kicking butt in this contest.  Note that the people running the contest have said they will “also examine whether the singers texts and other expressions don’t infringe the law”.  And they might intervene if they deem it appropriate to do so.  The good news is, they will do this after the voting has taken place. //

When people are actually given choices and allowed to vote without repercussions, they vote to protect themselves from outsiders.

In the United States, more than half of Americans appear to be behind the “hateful” Donald Trump.  (Again, I don’t vote anymore, I’m just making a point)

I’m a simple person and I like simple explanations.  National Socialism is just what it sounds like.  Nation-your people, and only your people

Socialism coming together and sharing resources as a group, for the benefit of the group.

If you want to save the world of non-Whites, many of whom have no idea how to work, go ahead and give it a try dummkopf.  There will probably be a few million born just next year.  You will be very busy!  But if you DON’T want to live in abject poverty, filth and danger and you don’t want your children and grandchildren to live in abject poverty, filth and danger, you might want to consider National Socialism as an answer.  It’s the healthiest choice.


2 thoughts on “Most People Are Actually National Socialists

  1. fuhrerious88

    Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    If most right minded people were given a pamphlet to read that had what NS stands for without having anything specific to NS on it they certainly agree. They would be shocked when you told them what it was I’m sure but it might make some think.


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