THIS is Why You Can’t Trust the JewMedia


Disclaimer:  I am not a Trump fan nor do I vote or participate in politics.  This article is for those that still believe in politics and the jew narratives presented by the conglomerated “news” sources.

(queue Christmas song) Oh Do You See What I See?

57% of adult “people” are against Donald Trumps plan to not allow Muslims to immigrate into the U.S.

That means 43% ARE not against the plan.  That is almost half the U.S.  I can’t prove it but I’m guessing it’s most of the White people.  Still my point is Yahoo slants the information the way they want you to take it.  Are Americans smart enough to  see through this nonsense?  Turn off your TV, put down that joint and use your head.  Almost half this country doesn’t disagree with his plan.  That’s a LOT!

Ok and were any of YOU polled?  I was not polled.  Who is keeping an eye on these pollsters to make sure they are polling properly?

Ok that’s it.  Have a nice day and even if you aren’t religious I hope you will enjoy the colors, sounds, tastes and warmth this season can give.  Try not to argue with your relatives!  They are your blood!




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