Pretty Woman, Strong Woman

I hope the men who read my blog don’t get disturbed about seeing a pretty woman that considers herself a “nazi”  and fights for her Nation.  There are lots of great men fighting for what’s right in the Ukraine.  Women just get more attention from the JewStream media.

It’s great how she got herself into Elle Magazine without them knowing her ideology.  hehe.  Also, she says peaceful protests have availed nothing so now she does violent things.vita

My favorite Vita quote:  Winners are not judged


4 thoughts on “Pretty Woman, Strong Woman

      1. thordaddy

        I would say that this post is a lure to low IQ “white” females to voluntarily cannonfodder for what equates to the mass white man’s niggerized “civil rights” movement… Even screaming “genocide” when the evidence for “white” self-annihilation is literally everywhere.

        Hi Everyone. My name is Thordaddy and I’m a coward so I call anyone with courage a self-annihilator. Thing is, I’m torn up with envy toward people that are taking action, so I have to tear them down. I’m pretty much the Tanya Harding of WN.

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