Are you KIDDING me?

17 year old Girl (betcha a million dollars she was White) accepts a ride from a nigger in Tennessee.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Nigger tries to fondle her, threatens to kill her.

Teen got away.  Lesson learned.  I FREAKING HOPE SO.

This is what modern White genocide looks like folks.  White people of all ages are taught by teachers, professors, the media etc. to love everyone, no matter what race they are whilst teaching non-Whites that White people are the cause of all their problems.  It is like sending little lambs into a lion’s den.  IT’S GENOCIDE and it is punishable by death.

Let us never forget that a nigger is going to nig but massive immigration into White countries, brainwashing White people, even CHILDREN, while stirring up hate in non-Whites comes to us compliments of the JEW.  I hope when the race war starts (wait, it’s actually been going on for years!) we will not forget to bring the Jews to justice.  They need to be dragged out of their hiding places and dealt with.  Obviously, Hitler did not go far enough.

Hey liberal, think I’m full of hate?  You are right.  My love is for good White people ONLY.


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