My Blog is not a Democracy


If you post unintelligible garbage, I’ll delete it.  Also if it’s SO intellectual that I can’t understand it (with my above average IQ) it will also be deleted.

This blog is to share information that might be important to people who oppose White Genocide.  If you don’t agree with things I post (Thordaddy), or if you have diarrhea of the fingertips (Thordaddy), start your own blog and post away.  No one’s stopping you.  Oh and calling me a crypto jew is so silly!!!

Also, first time commenters’ comments will go into moderation before being posted.  Sometimes I can’t moderate them right away because blogging is only part of my life and I have to do other things sometimes. Calling me names won’t make the process go faster.

This post is only for the 1% of buttheads that read this blog.  The rest of you are AWESOME!!  Love, Maureen




7 thoughts on “My Blog is not a Democracy

  1. Adastra

    hi Aryan Street. You’re another one I used to follow two years ago before I got a life and let myself go dormant. I used to be Originist, if you can remember that far back. What I like about you is you’re as uncompromsing as you are truthful, and more loyal to the cause than even lots of men. Glad to see you’re still around.

    Thordaddy is a decidedly kosher pain in the ass. I could never understand what that troll said to me, vikingbitch, Paladin Justice or anyone else even after encountering him a hundred times. All I discerned was “radical sexual autonomy!!!” in every single sentence. (Why not “too much sexual freedom?) and how quickly this “ally” turned against you. I wish he’d blog on his own. No, strike that – he should deactivate his account.

    Now that I’m back, I hope to see more of your writing… and less of his. haha


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