Believing the Jew

This civilization is not run by White men anymore.  I propose we who claim to be “awake” to Jew lies stop depending on the Jewstream media for our news and the court system to determine who is guilty or innocent.

We all know of people who have been wrongly imprisoned, their lives ruined.  We also know of good men in our movement who have been killed.  Why are we so quick to side with our oppressors against our own?

Lately myself and others have noticed a couple of trends.  White men who are sticking their necks out by writing well or organizing WNs are being cut down and made ineffective (at least for a time) by a small handful of tactics.

One tactic is to “out” the man as a racialist to the world and most specifically his workplace.  This way, the man has no way to support himself a wife or family and potentially will spend the next few years after the attack, or even the rest of his life cleaning up the wreckage.  If the man is self-employed, or underemployed, his wife may be targeted.  This tactic is accomplished as easily as making a few anonymous phone calls to an employer.  Self employment is the best way to avoid this problem, btw.

Another method of attempting to silence dissidents is fairly simple and low risk for the perpetrators.  It is the sending of child pornography to the victim so that it loads onto their computer.  It is very easy to do.  It can be sent in an email and disguised as something else.   Once the file is opened, it is permanently stored on the man’s computer whether he likes it or not.  At this point, a police raid is fairly easy to pull off.  All it takes is a few lies (or in some cases the truth) that the man has a cache of weapons and is “a danger”.  Sadly, most of you in the movement immediately believe the worst and turn your back on the victim.  You believe the Jew narrative unquestioningly!  The system DOES often choose men in the movement who are not well liked to focus on, just as many lions when hunting pick off the weakest members of the herd.  DON’T BE FOOLED.  We have seen a number of examples of this over the years.  It’s a pattern.  (To prevent this, avoid opening attachments sent to your email unless you are absolutely certain they are from someone you know.  CALL the person and make sure they sent the attachment and that no one has hijacked their email account)

The final ploy I’m going to cover is that of saying that a movement man killed himself.  They said it about Hitler and they have said it about many men since then.  Killing a man, then calling it a suicide produces a double whammy effect, getting rid of an enemy while demoralizing people in the movement.  If they can make it look like the WN type killed a couple of children before killing himself, that’s even better, in their eyes.  All the women in the movement and all the girly-men are just appalled, APPALLED I tell ya when these things happen.  (I don’t know how one could prevent this.  I guess if you are a little whiny boy or girl who believe the Jew about everything, you could avoid this fate.)

It’s really lame to believe the Jew narrative about everything.  You claim to know the media/government Jews hate us and yet you believe everything they say.  It’s very disappointing.

Grow up.  I am not stating a conspiracy theory here.  They really ARE out to get us.

And don’t bother debating with me in the comments about this.  I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense and will delete your comment.  I don’t believe in free speech for dumb people.









5 thoughts on “Believing the Jew

    1. bookooball

      Because the Jew has given us oodles of goodies to chew on. They know the only way to destroy whites, is by destroying the moral foundation of society. So many white men stuck in the basement with porn, and so many white women having their cake in the corporate world means the end of civilization. It’s easy to believe a lie when it sounds pretty.

  1. Dark Side of the Moon

    Funny you wrote of the email scam. Just the other day I received several emails from people I grew up with. I opened up the email, but not the attachment. I knew something looked funny so I just hit the delete button. They would probably contact me on FB, not regular email.

    I don’t believe much of what I read online anymore. IMO most of these events are made up drama scripted by spooks from the Mossad, MI6 and US intelligence agencies. The news channels and even internet blogs need content.

    Around where I live, the only crime you’ll see in the newspaper is someone was arrested for DUI or got into a fight, that’s about it. Most white people really live mundane boring lives to the rest of the world. We’re living in a green screen reality.


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