Wow! Badass Woman

Admittedly, she is not super Aryan looking (although she DOES have light eyes).  I admire her conviction.  I have used photos from her younger years because I know Murkans are visually oriented and her younger photos will capture your attention better than the recent photos of her at age 38.beate

Anyway, this is the stuff of movies (but not Jew movies).  Who needs Jew movies when real life is so interesting?  This woman apparently had two lover/accomplices and the three of them allegedly killed at least 10 enemies of Germany between 2000 and 2007.  Now she is in court and she shows complete disrespect toward the press there and also the families of those she and her accomplices allegedly killed, turning her back on them.  I’m not sure how the Jews have gotten her to break her silence after 4 years.  Have they threatened to harm her family members?  Have they tortured her?  Are they using mind control techniques gleaned from Nazi Scientists?  Who knows?

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5 thoughts on “Wow! Badass Woman

  1. Wally D.

    “The trial may last up to two years” enough circus time to distract the public from the admission of two million more Muslims, into the very heart of Germany

  2. Ryu

    There are many ways to get a person to talk. The Israelis are more than happy to show off their torture tricks. 4 years in prison can change a person a lot.

  3. thordaddy

    She’ll disappear from the minds of the masses just like Dylan Roof as her “story” is just too incredible to believe… Not her “acts,” but her freedom to act.


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