Ukraine Tonight

Lots going on in Ukraine tonight.  The neo-Nazis have become very powerful over there.  


5 thoughts on “Ukraine Tonight

  1. Colin

    Unfortunately these “neo-nazi’s” are little more than a jewish armed & trained gook squad who do their best to kill & maim as many of our race kin as possible. Perhaps somewhere amongst them their may be the occasional race-patriot, but I personally seriously doubt it. Further more their abuse of National Socialist & Aryan symbols is little more than a ploy straight from the office’s of nuland & her fellow ZOG vermin.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      I don’t think these neo-nazis killed any of our racial kin so I don’t know what you are talking about.

      I guess no one likes this story. I thought it was interesting. I guess you all would like to hear more about niggers killing Whites, is that it? Bah.


        Thank you for your reply & apologies for having caused you some offence.

        However ,unless we’ve completely misunderstood one another, the fact is that I for one most certainly consider the Russian & Ukrainian people to be ,at least, my racial kin. I have had the pleasure & privilege of working with both of these peoples amongst others. These are the people who are being killed in Donbass, Lughansk & other parts of Ukraine. The people who are doing the killing are fellow white people, in this case of the Slavic tribe. I consider this fraticiadal war to be yet another great & bitter tragedy where our people have found themselves at each others throats for the benefit of others.

        In addition having had to attend four funerals of white kin who were murdered by blacks I’m particularly aware of the racial war we are facing here in south africa & globally . Hence my bitterness at the Ukrainian & European situation.

        As English is not my mother tongue rest assured there will most certainly be the occasional grammatical error.

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