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I checked.  The Daily Stormer has not covered either of these stories.

Fact is, Craig Cobb hasn’t quit White Nationalism.  He has been trying to buy properties in Nebraska and Kansas.  He’s an odd duck but not a quitter! At the ripe old age of 64, he’s out there trying to move mountains and he deserves our support.

Anyway, it appears the Mayor of Leith North Dakota, Ryan Schock  MIGHT be a criminal.  It is alleged that he failed to report and control a dangerous fire.

Schock’s supporter believe that he is being set up by Grant County State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz.   Schock had accused Tony Schwartz of acting unprofessionally and possibly unethically while prosecuting white activist Craig Cobb, who tried to turn the teeny, tiny town of Leith into an Aryan homeland. (Cobb didn’t get any prison time.  He is on probation)

Back to the fire.  It is alleged that  a fire Schock started on one property spread to an old church building that Schock owned and got very close to a nearby property owned by another man. Schock could face a year in jail and a $2,000 fine if convicted.

What was THAT all about?  Why did they even have to burn the building down?  Was that some kind of show of power?  Or was Schock proving his anti-racism?  Kind of extreme burning your own stuff down too (allegedly).  Or was he (if he did this) trying to get some insurance money?  hmmmmm?

Read more here.

This recent article is also related to Craig Cobb 

Typical of stupid, zombie reporters, part of this article contradicts itself.

Can you find the contradiction.  Comment below if you can find it.  I will follow up with the answer if no one sees it.






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