Anti-White Media SUCKS

Notice the language in this article about a White on Black beating.

When talking about the Whites men we have the words:






Swastika tattoos


Racial Slurs


and of course, Hate Crime (I’m sure I missed some)

The “Victim” who is Black, gets these words when describing what was done to him





Now let’s examine a Black on White crime according to

I decided to look up the outrageous stalking murder of Colleen Ritzer.  His “alleged” killer confessed (recorded in court documents)”After she insulted me, that’s when I became the teacher.”

I looked for an article about this story in BUT COULDN’T FIND ONE.  They didn’t even report it. (If anyone can find the story on The Root, please let me know so I can examine it)

The NY Daily News says she TRIGGERED HIM.  With a word.  And what horrible word did this wretched White woman use to set off this nigger?


She was asking to be raped and killed I tell ya.  She purposely insulted and TRIGGERED him.  I hope you are getting the sarcasm here folks.

So Jews, when your Kristallnacht comes for the crimes your people have committed against my people, you should not be surprised.  I’m not calling for it, and I’m not going to be the one to do it.  I’m just telling you that White men, REAL White men are getting more and more angry.  There will come a day when your mind control will wear off and that day will be very painful for you.  If I were a Jew, I would head to Israel.












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