luisThis is an old article but I have it on good authority that this is still going on.  I cannot prove it but I believe these “warriors” are shills  for the Zionist Jews.  Their mission:  To make Americans hate Muslims so they will turn a blind eye to all the killing the United States is doing in the middle east at the behest of the Zionist Jews.

Also, we are supposed to blame Muslims for all the evil in the world while Organized Jewry in the form of  Central Banking, sucks the life out of us, our children, their children and so on.

Next time you see a concerned “Christian” “bravely” shouting in the streets about Muslims, perhaps you might want to shout back at them.

Egad, I just noticed he looks a little like

Gustavo Arellano! gustavo


Or maybe I’m imagining things.  🙂

Edit:  I have been advised by a friend not to claim anyone is being paid to shill for very powerful Jews so I have modified this post a bit so as to not be killed or have some other awful thing happen to me.  These thugs play for keeps.


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