NEWS FLASH – Whites are in trouble

Shocking…but we’ve been saying this for a long time.

The researchers in this article pretend they don’t understand why death rates are SO high for lower educated Whites.  That’s because they are either Jewish or they think this will never apply to them because at the moment, they are well paid researchers.  (At least one of the authors of this article are Jewish)  That could change tomorrow if they piss off the wrong people with their research.

Weir said economic insecurity, the decay of communities and the breakdown of families probably have had some impact on death and illness rates, in addition to the nation’s opioid epidemic and the factors the authors identified.

Gee, ya think?  The Jews and their lackies have deluged the United States with million of non-whites causing high unemployment and wage decreases.  They have done countless, COUNTLESS things to destroy our communities, such as moving non-Whites into our neighborhoods, and causing economic problems which require people to move away from their families and friends.  And VOLUMES have been written about how they have broken down our families and opioid use as only a SYMPTOM of all these problems.

Read the article.  If you aren’t royally pissed off, you are dead.  They are killing us off.  We must deal with these genocidal maniacs before we run out of time.


One thought on “NEWS FLASH – Whites are in trouble

  1. Wally D.

    Jews are making a killing expediting the death of the white race. Pun intended. Jews are buying up pharmacy companies with the express intention of making a killing by jacking up drug prices by 1000% and more.


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