Listen and Learn!

Dedicated to Thordaddy


7 thoughts on “Listen and Learn!

  1. thordaddy

    Ms. Martin…

    Study the “white supremacy” movement closely enough and three damning facts emerge… Atheist-pagan white/Jewish anti-Christian orientation, mostly childless (de fact homo) and very, very few self-identified as “white supremacists.”

    Rockwell was, of course, a mixed bag having fathered 6 children, but still embracing an anti-WHITE Christian, socialist economic belief system. If one reads through “White Power” then one will never read Rockwell mentioning “white supremacy” OUTSIDE of quoting nigger agitprop. In other words, the only time Rockwell spoke of “white supremacy” in his seminal work was in expressing that ENTIRELY REAL SYSTEM of black oppression that is “white supremacy” as seen through the eye of the negroes themselves. And of course, KNOWING WHAT WE KNOW NOW, nigger agitprop is Jewish agitprop as the Jew qua Jew is the “premier” anti-white Supremacist… AGAINST THE GREATEST OF WHITE MEN EMERGING… SUCH MEN are called white Supremacists BY THOSE with healthy, intact minds. George Lincoln Rockwell THOUGHT he was to be a “bum or a great man.”


    He DID NOT CALL HIMSELF a white Supremacist…

    He DID NOT CALL HIMSELF the greatest ENEMY TO Jews, jihadists, niggers, miggers, homodykes and “white” self-annihilators…

    So that HE WOULD BE the greatest of white men…

    He therefore chose to be a bum, I guess?

    If the “enemy” is the white Supremacist, but you are not a white Supremacist then I gather you are ally to enemies of white Supremacy.

    Treat it like the psychological mind war that is…

    I had to deal with it too…

  2. thordaddy

    Ms. Martin…

    IF one is not a genuine white Supremacist THEN one is not a TRUE enemy to “The Chosen Ones.”

    I hold them accountable because they hold me accountable.

  3. thordaddy

    Ms. Martin…

    What is a National Socialist?

    It is in the very simplest conception a nation of socialists…

    Ergo, THERE IS NO INHERENT “racism”
    in this societal organizing “principle.” There are, scattered all about this globe, including the most blighted places on earth, nations of socialists OF EVERY STRIPE… And of course, the more black OR WHITE is this nation of socialists, the more violently or invisibly dysfunctional is said nation.

    So the paradox is two-fold…

    Nations of socialists come in ALL RACES… And the MORE HOMOGENEOUS, the more crazy, self-annihilating are those nations. Just think Africa and the Scandinavian countries and their respective primitive and modern methods of self-annihilation…

    So just as Hitler ushered in anti-white Supremacy with the defeat of his Nazi party, George Lincoln Rockwell never self-identified as a white Supremacist BECAUSE HE WAS NOT ONE… He was a national socialist… So at least he was honest… But national socialists ARE NOT true enemy to the anti-white Supremacist… Only the genuine white Supremacist is the true enemy to the archetype anti-Supremacist… Those “Chosen Ones” who will not convert and have not yet paid their dues for that obstinance.


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