7,000 Humanoids Disappear

Apparently between 2004 and 2015 around 7,000 humanoids have disappeared from the Homan Square area.  Homan Square is in Chicago.  Disappeared may be a strong word for it.  Detained with their “civil rights” denied might be a better way of putting it.  The vast majority of those detained are Africans with American citizenship.

Why should we Aryan Street residents worry about thousands of blacks being detained and interrogated by cops without being able to contact their attorney or Baby Mama?  It’s because, if it can happen to Negroes, it can happen to homeless people (many of whom are White), sick people, or dissidents, like us.

Although I’m hoping this means that White cops are very powerful in that area and are kicking some Black azz,  that’s just a fantasy.  It is more likely that the FedGov is involved in this somehow and testing to see if the public makes a big stink about it or collectively yawns.

We should probably make a bit of a stink.  At the very least, you should let your Constitutionalist buddies know about it so THEY can make a stink.  Post the article I linked to some of their blogs and forums.

AND most importantly, if you think you may be in a hot spot (a big city where there are a lot of Negroes, for instance) you might not want to have any contact with the police.  No traffic violations…nothing because apparently you don’t necessarily have any rights.  Might makes right and our enemies have the might right now so plan accordingly.


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