Victory Over Problems

I really like this:

If you have any sort of problem in your life, if you are injured, sick or in pain, you can rely on your will alone to cope with it. If you want it strongly enough you will manage to jump farther or higher, run faster, hold your breath longer, stay awake longer, keep fighting, and so forth. Your willpower is the most powerful tool you have; without it you are nothing – and those with a strong will are the masters of this world. Willpower is more important than skill, physical strength, wisdom and even good health!

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No more excuses.  We can and WILL overcome our problems.


5 thoughts on “Victory Over Problems

  1. thordaddy

    It’s a funny thing…

    What should the leading white men be saying that then wouldn’t have them be accused of “crypto-jew” by those unable to even refer to themselves in the virtual world as white Supremacists?

    Does the Jew HATE the white Supremacist?

    Does the jihadist hate the white Supremacist?

    Does the nigger hate the white Supremacist…

    Does the homodyke hate the white Supremacist?

    Does the “white” liberal hate the white Supremacist?

    How are you not then a white Supremacist?

      1. thordaddy

        I’ve defined white Supremacist so many times only to have those with twisted minds feign a histrionic retort as though they could not inexplicably comprehend the following conception:

        A white Supremacist is a white man who believes in and therefore strives towards OBJECTIVE Supremacy… Objective Supremacy being secular-speak for Perfection.

        Notice how from the perspective of the white Supremacist such BELIEF has no RELATIONSHIP to Jews, niggers, miggers, homodyke or jihadists…


        It is in this very lack of real RELATIVISM that you only know “white supremacy” as the white degenerate seeking a segregated master/slave relationship with the other… THE ANTITHESIS of the white man striving towards Perfection without regard to the masses.

        SO IN FACT, yours is a submission to the twisted mind of the “crypto-Jew.” Yours is the mind that WILL NOT allow you to ACTUALLY BECOME WHAT YOUR ENEMY LOATHES because it is you who has accepted, tolerated and embraced the conceptual perversion of geniune white Supremacist and swallowed whole as though just one of the sheepwalkers…

        And if the ABSOLUTE CONCEPT above twists your mind then you must ADMIT TO being under liberal submission.

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street

    It is not the concept that twists my mind, just your delivery. This is the first time (I believe) that you have explained White Supremacy on THIS site.

    You are probably right that we SHOULD become what THEY most fear. Perfect, or as close to that as we can get. We should stop apologizing and asking for smart badges from jews too. Am I on the right track TD?

    1. thordaddy


      And if HBD is taboo for any reason, it is taboo for the reality that some men AND THEREFORE some RACE of men (most particularly lineages of fathers) EMBRACE Perfection more fervently and faithfully than others. This is a straightforward falsification of “equality dogma…” And history speaks for itself.


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