Hilton marries Rothchild and other musings

Seems like all the old money Whites are marrying Jews these days.  I’ll bet you dollars to donuts many of these marriages are arranged.   Look at how that ugly Clinton kid married a Jew former investment banker (with Gold Man Sacks of all people) who has lost MILLIONS for investors with his failed hedge fund.  Something tells me he and Chelsea won’t be going to debtors prison for his failure though.

I live in an affluent area and I see a lot of blond women with dark haired men.  Makes you wonder.

Democracy is for the masses.  The money crowd has a rather different set of rules than you.

While the Jew controlled media tells everyone to love their fat bodies, wealthy (women in particular) have extreme fitness routines and eat like birds so they can be nice and scrawny.  Their men like them that way too. (cept when they have sex with their maids, like Arnold did…I still can’t figure THAT one out).

While the Jew controlled media tells you over and over again to just Do The Right Thing, ie. throw yourself and your loved ones under the bus for outsiders and weirdos, our “elites” hire body guards and live in high security enclaves.

It’s high time we thought of OURSELVES as the true elite and time we started acting that way.  Unless of course, you LIKE being a slave.  I for one don’t see anything special about these monied scumbags.  They have simply robbed us blind and will continue to do so unless we stop them.


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