This is why you don’t marry a negro

Highlights from the Negress:

“I like being a dick.”

“One time the smell of my poop made a woman vomit”

“Tight butthole”.

I give it one more month.

WHY would a man like that marry THAT???


4 thoughts on “This is why you don’t marry a negro

  1. Steve-waa

    We don’t even know if those two are actually married, or if this is just two actors.

    Secondly, there is a good chance he is jewish. Some jewish American men grow up in a household in which their mother dominates their father. Since that type of husband/wife relationship is what they see growing up, they will often have that type of marriage themselves. If he grew up with a mother who acts like that, he will be comfortable with a woman who acts like that.

    Judging by her face, she looks like she is skinny with long, lean muscular or toned arms and legs. Like the women who practice pilates. That toned, thin body is probably attractive to him.


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