This is how you do it

In Greece, 2 out of 3 citizens don’t report all their income to the government.  They know their tax money is being wasted (or worse, used to damage them) so they don’t want to pay “their share”.

The article goes on to say (in so many words) that the gov has to be careful not to come down too hard on these people because it will damage the economy if they stop working.


3 thoughts on “This is how you do it

  1. Justabum

    Interesting the growth of the black economy(cash no tax), plus corresponding shrinkage of the white economy(Paying tax) would back this up. If the government comes down hard on the tax evaders they join the criminal economy to make ends meet.

    This kills all our birds with one stone, the prog shitlibs, cuckservatives and the invading parasites. As the ability of the government and big bankers to control us as a peoples will be reduced.

    The push for a cashless economy shall be pursued heavily by the EU non-elected bureaucrats, particularly as the parasite invasion continues. If TPTB push us exclusively onto the fantastic plastic money cards, the black economy will revert to gold, silver, what ever other highly valued tradable commodity.

    Lets hope this happens.


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