Refugees or Opportunists

It’s obvious that the “refugees” are not looking for a “safe place”.  They are looking for gibsmedat.  Our enemies have taught them very well that there is still some meat on the carcass of Europe so come and get it!

Miroslay Lajcak, the foreign minister of Slovakia says refugees shouldn’t be FORCED (there’s that word again) to stay in his country if they don’t want to.  He says only one in four of the refugees that come into his country stay.(even THAT is too many).

How come China isn’t being forced to take in any refugees?  Because there’s no frigging way China could be FORCED to do so.  They will team up with Russia and kick some ass before they would let THAT happen.  So our enemies don’t even TRY to get China to take them.  Or Dubai.

It’s all about FORCE people.  Physical force.  Talk is cheap.


One thought on “Refugees or Opportunists

  1. Denise

    These Muslims are invaders. We know that. Jews are at the head of EVERY Government. As David Lane said, “There’s no way out except through the Jew”. The Public Naming of the Jew has begun. We must proclaim the true source of the poison non-stop.


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