Our Most Precious Resource-Ourselves

Hi Everyone.  I wanted to check in with you all.  I feel a little bad about not posting for a while but I guess I need to step back sometimes and perhaps give myself a chance to evolve and just rest a bit.

These days I’m trying to get back to nature, back to my family (my immediate family) and back to MYSELF.  I am trying to enjoy life more too.

I find that although we have troubles galore, they won’t be fixed overnight and there’s no point in making myself sick, mentally or physically.  I find that there is still much to enjoy in life and there are many interesting challenges too.  Life is made for living of course and I’m doing it!

I also lost a movement friend recently.  He died too young leaving a wife and two small boys.  This man gave it ALL for our people and it hurts so much that he gone.

Please, my friends, take it slow.  It’s hard sometimes because our cause is so urgent.  Still, I have seen many people burn out either physically or mentally and become of no use to anyone.  Take care of yourself.  You are precious resource.

I have spent a lot of time over the last few years, glued to my computer screen reading of the injustices and violence being perpetrated against us at the hand of the wicked Jews.  BUT I have had to pull away a bit.  I know enough.  It is time for action and more action.

We know what needs to be done.  We each have been given abilities and talents to be used.  Time for planning and organizing.  You know what to do.


4 thoughts on “Our Most Precious Resource-Ourselves

  1. Dark Side of the Moon

    I found that by pulling back, I’m a lot happier and my health is a lot better. It’s very easy to suffer from burnout.

    Here’s another thing I thought about the other day. What if ALL pro-white bloggers, internet posters and radio shows just disappeared off the internet. Now THAT would scare the bejeezus out of the peeps.

    It’s kinda like when your kids are really quiet, you know they’re up to something.

    Maybe I’m onto something here.


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