Safety For Ladies

Folks may remember how a year or so ago, I was called names for no reason in a park in my city by a Mexican.   I have only had one other incident since then.  The other day though I read that another woman in my city got knocked down in a park in my city.  The woman was around 50 years of age and three men came up on bikes and one of them hit her so hard on the rear end that she fell down.

This city was around 50% White as of the 2010 census.  I recommend if you live in a city with similar demographics that you bring a man with you when you go out in public.  Don’t think that because you have a cell phone and pepper spray with you that you are safe.  Also, even if you have the most benevolent and responsive police force in the world, they cannot prevent crime in instances like these.  They will take a report, but the damage has already been done.  Having a man with you will make scumbags much less likely to target you.  They will find an easier mark.

Best safety plan of all is to get out of the city before something awful happens.  I’m working on an exit plan myself.


5 thoughts on “Safety For Ladies

  1. Dark Side of the Moon

    Aryan Street, your part of the country makes it virtually impossible to have a concealed carry permit to carry a handgun and the beaners around there know this. They don’t pull that shit as much in TN, AL or other states that have liberal gun laws. Not even in Arizona are they this bold.


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