Just Smile-For the Ladies

If you are a woman who hates men, don’t read this post.

If you are a woman who wants to know how to relate to men…or how to attract a good man, stick around for a minute.

We all know Asians are after our men.  It’s really bad out here in California.  I was recently forced to listen to a White man tell about how his last Asian girlfriend “got him”.  Well I wasn’t forced to but I was in a social situation (Tis the season) where it wouldn’t have been advantageous to get mad and yell at someone.  So I listened.  I learn a lot when I listen.

So this White man is on public transportation and he sees this Asian woman smiling at him, like a big dummy.  He noticed but looked away.  When he looked back, there she was, smiling like an idiot, again.  Finally, as she gets out at her stop, she glances back at him and smiles AGAIN.  Next time he saw her on the bus, he gave her his number.  He called and she spoke only enough English to get him to dinner at her house.  And the rest is history.  Oh wait, he also mentioned that although she is in her late forties that she has the “body of a 30 year old”.

So do men like dumb women?  Maybe not, but at the beginning of a relationship, maybe it is better not to say too much.  Workedfine for the Asian hag. Men are pretty serious and they see woman as potentially fun!  Why not have fun?

I mean, look, I like to talk but sometimes it’s a turn off for men when women talk TOO much.  I have a girlfriend like that.  A man shows an interest in her and she becomes miss school marm trying to teach him something.  No, no, no!!!!  Shut up and let him teach YOU something!  These guys listen to her lectures but then don’t ask for her number.  😦  Too bad, because she has a great smile.

It is especially important to forget about White Genocide for 5 minutes.  Just enjoy getting to know a new man.  Have fun!  WG will be there when you get back.

Fun….have fun!  You might like it!  And there will be time to talk later.


13 thoughts on “Just Smile-For the Ladies

  1. White Woman Interrupted

    I live in Northern California and I believe there is a new law that White men must marry and breed only with hideous, flat-faced Mongoloid whores. I am a good-looking, educated, warm, kind, loving White woman who smiles often, but unfortunately, I have contours on my face and my hair isn’t flat, black and stringy and I don’t look like I just finished plowing a rice field behind a water buffalo, so I no get loved long time. Believe me, I’m looking to move to a more mountainous place in the near future, where there are far less feminized male “man-ginas” and yellow monkeys. I’m sick of yellow fever, in case that wasn’t apparent. I love our men and I wish they’d stop with the miscegenation, because we can only have White children with a White man and a White woman.

  2. Dark Side of the Moon

    If I were a man hater, I wouldn’t be married. You had me on the story about the man on the bus, until I read he hooked up with an Asian. Any race mixer, male or female is my mortal enemy. That’s one less white child that will be born.

    Of course the Asian was smiling at him. She wants to hijack his genes! She’s also looking at his potential. White men are far more handsome than any other race, we all agree on this. What these men don’t realize that once the me love you long time thing has ran it’s course (which usually ends after a few months of marriage) then the REAL woman shows up. The entire clan comes over from East Asia and the white man is working to pay for a little Ho Chi Minh city.

    California is a real bitch for dating. I lived there for many years. Men there are spoiled brats. Even the fat dumpy ones. Many of them are still waiting for Pamela Anderson to give them a call. They’re delusional. I and many other white women I know who moved away from California (which is a Talmudified state) found an entire different world.

    IMO Southern CA, WDC, NYC and South FL are dumps. They may have good weather and good takeout, but for the most part they are toxic dumps. And they infect and taint anyone who lives there. My husband had to go through serious deprogramming from the mind funk living in the urban jungle.

    So when white women come to the country or smaller towns, they find real white men. And these white men are not hipster dufuses who duel online. They’re like my husband and neighbor who work, fix, dig, backhoe, hunt and fish to provide for themselves and their families. They’re preppers, they’re mountain men, they’re hunter gatherers.

    If more white women discovered these men and left the cities, I think many of them would be a lot happier.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street

      I can’t afford to leave yet, but I believe you.

      I knew that the race mixing part would make people mad. It makes me sick too BUT, I was trying to illustrate something.

      Smiling works. Sadly, many White women have forgotten how much power there is in a smile.

  3. just say it straight

    Just saying, as a guy, sometimes you don’t really know if a girl you like likes you back.
    Like in the case you mentioned, when your girlfriend starts trying to teach a guy something, maybe the guy thinks that she thinks that he’s an idiot and needs help (depending on what you’re being taught anyway).
    As such, imo, maybe she should make the first step sometimes and ask a phone number, or make him understand that she doesn’t do that with all the guys just that she likes him (maybe it would actually be better to say it like that) and/or that when she gets excited she tends to talk a lot.
    I dunno, i’m not really good at the whole dating thing, but all these complications are a bother and sometimes it’s best to just say it straight.

  4. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I love men. I love having sex with men.

    I don’t like pussy dudes that like fake women, and many gooks are fake as fuck.

    I had a dyke tell me once that for many down low fags, the gook gal is the last stop before he is outta the closet.

    I could careless about Commifornia Creeps. Once you do ‘me love long time’ with some flat assed Ching Ching chick, I am passing on that azzzzz.

    Look, ladies, just get knocked up by someone and move on. Stop pining and enjoy the decline. There is not a damn thing you can do. Many of these WN men have decided that they hate you. You can’t change stupid. When these dudes with ‘yellow fever’ find a whole clan of gooks outside of their wives moves in along with her and that she turns into a Dragon Lady overnight, these guys will learn, learn the hard way they will.

    You can’t change stupid.

  5. Paladin Justice

    Where did I read that the man who goes after the gooks is one step away from being a pedophile? Was it here? Anyway, there’s a lot of truth in that observation.

  6. clytemnestra57

    There is something to this post of yours, Maureen.

    Several years ago, I was running some errands with my little boys in the back seat. I had stopped at a gas station and finished filling up my vehicle. I got into my vehicle, snapped on the seat belt and was adjusting my mirror to back up, but I wanted to check on the children. So I looked at them from the mirror. They were all sleeping, like little angels, and I found myself overwhelmed with feelings of love and pride for them, so I smiled.

    The next thing I know, this total stranger – a White guy – is standing by my driver door, trying to talk to me. It didn’t take him long to figure out that I was “taken” and I had my adorable little “baggage” in the back, but he lingered in conversation with me for about five to ten minutes. Initially, I thought it was a case of mistaken identity on his part. He also struck me as a little lonely.

    I mentioned my encounter to my husband. He reminded me how we had just been friends for years before I got my oldest boy and he said that he started falling in love with me after seeing the way I looked at my son. That my smile was “magical.” It was one of the sweetest things he ever said to me.

    Your post about the Asian girl just smiling at a guy was enough to get his notice. If she looked at him anything like the way I used to (and still do) look at my boys, then what man could be impervious to such attention?

    Contrary to more nonsense from same Usual Suspects who came up with Oedipus Syndrome, men who were “Mama’s Boys” grow up to be incredibly successful and confident with the women. They are so used to bending Mama to their will that the average woman is silly putty in their hands. A female friend of mine, also the doting mama to a little boy called it “Princeling Syndrome.”

    Who knows how many White women out there were tainted by the Freudian Frauds and duly withheld their love, affection, and any obvious pride in their sons from their sons for fear of raising neurotic, misogynist Mama’s Boys rather than confident, independent men as they wanted?

    I am so glad I didn’t bother with any manuals on child-rearing with mine. I let my boys set the schedule. When they were hungry, they ate. When they were full they stopped. When they needed attention, they got it. I held them every minute I was able to. I tell them I love them and how proud of them I am all the time. If his own mother doesn’t have his back, what does a man have to support him?

    Young White mothers should take heed from this article. Don’t withhold your affection and attention from your sons lest you make them so lonely and starved for female affection that they turn to alien women for the love they never got from you as a child.


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