DNA Testing

I’m not an expert on this topic.  Heck, I’m not even an amateur.  All I can say is that DNA testing is still in its infancy as a science or perhaps it is adolescent now.  I don’t plan on getting tested until these companies get to the adult stage.  If you DO decide to get tested, take your results with a grain of salt.  Here is more on the topic-the comments are informative, as well.

Oh and even if I found out I had some little smattering of “American Indian” or whatnot, I would disclose this to my friends but I would still advocate for the future of White people.  Why not?   A lack of racial purity has never caused Obama to hold back his pro-Black sentiments has it?


2 thoughts on “DNA Testing

  1. Denise

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    I don’t think the results of the DNA seeker in question is terribly “off” form one company to another. I think it’s the interpretation. Interesting stuff, though…I need to mine done.


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