Women and Attractiveness

Women worry a lot about their looks.

Do you know why?

Because the Jewstream media tells them to.  One reason for this is that SO many companies and their advertisers make money on cosmetics, weight loss products, clothes, accessories and on and on.  Also, Jewstream wants you to hate yourself and look to Jew Meds, Jew written self help books etc. for help.

A woman who is pleasing to her man makes her relationship like teflon.  Her man may gaze at a pretty young woman from time to time (like a woman may gaze at a flower, cute kitties or a baby) but he knows when he has a good thing and he (99%) of the time won’t louse it up by cheating.

What is pleasing to a man?  It’s the little things.  1.  Staying physically attractive by staying slender…yes it’s true.  BTW, most men I talk to prefer NO makeup or very little makeup on their lady.  2.  Having a pleasing nature.  Cooking and preparing food.  Keeping house.  Those things that make HER life nice too.  Jewstream complicates it so you have to buy,buy,buy what they’re are offering.  Don’t fall for it.

Oh boy the lesbians are gonna hate me for this!


9 thoughts on “Women and Attractiveness

  1. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Jews and the Jew wannabes, The MoMos like their hos adorned in caked on makeup, high gloss toes, etc. Watch Fox aka Faux News and you will see some serious war paint on those biaches! Botox, plastic boobery, and eyebrows that have been painted on make for a carnie sideshow. I stated once before on my blog how those Fox anchor women look so Hebified and Arabic to me.

    The United States of Arabia. Yuck dude

  2. vikingbitch

    Screw lesbians. I am so tired of their shyte. You’d think they would want to unite with pro white movements but they are so wrapped up in themselves and their ‘victimhood’ and being oppressed.

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      It’s a shame but not surprising. The Jews had to turn EVERYONE except the heterosexual White man into a victim so that the great White men would stand alone. We must unite with our brothers and not fall into the Jew trap of Feminism or any other ism for that matter. (‘cept Nationalism)

      1. vikingbitch

        Agree and disagree.

        A man who is a cheater is a cheater. I know men who fucked around on their wives and their wives kept house and all that crap.

        I really don’t believe in marriage. It traps men and women. I really have no desire to be a Nan’s mommy. Let him clean up his own mess.

        My son is seven and cleans up his dishes, makes his bed, and he makes his own sandwiches. My kids know I am not a maid. I am their mother and I love them but they will look after their laundry etc as they age.

        No woman wants a momma’s boy for a husband. White women are not having as many kids because guess what, many of them are too busy dealing with their man- child husband.

        Everyone appreciates beauty, but if the guy I am f$&ing is gawking at other women, it is over. Done. It is just plain bad manners on his part.

        I tell my son point blank that women do no want to deal with guys who are slobs and keep messy bathrooms. He opens doors and he is polite. He will be a Good Man because I his mother taught him that way.

        American White Women have tolerated too much bullshit from many American White Men. Time to close up the candy store set up shop elsewhere. Let them have the flat ass, pan faced gooks or the squatmonsters. I don’t give a damn.

        Look what happened to that poor girl in Mississippi. Look what happens to White Women everyday in the USA. Where are the marches for us. That’s right, we are privileged. Sure.

        Look, many WN women in the USA are traditionalists. Myself I am not. I learned early on that if you are nice to many American White men, they will take you for a ride. Remember Clytemnestra’s posts on the mini Hefs? I know plenty of white women who did the June Cleaver bullshit and got hung out to dry.

        We need to get real and get down to business. Fuck fairy tales and Leave it to Beav. Whites need land, money, and children and however that is accomplished is great. Some of us will go the traditional route, good on ya! Some like me will do it different.

        There are many ways to skin a cat

  3. clytemnestra57

    VB, I’m glad that you have three beautiful children and I think that any woman who could not find “Mr. Right” early enough should consider your solution to being a mother, BUT I still believe that a strong family headed by a man and woman with similar goals in common and a strong commitment to each other and their children is the ideal.

    No, I do not retract a single word I wrote in my Mini-Hef post, but it is a mistake to assume, as I did, and I suspect you do, that ALL men are Mini-Hefs. And now there are a lot of women having to be particularly wary of The Gamesters (thank you, Chateau Heartiste).

    Just like it is a big mistake for all single men to assume that all single young women are Carrie Bradshaws (Sex in the City) who want to jump on the cock carousel with every “Alpha Fuck” until they marry their “Beta Buck” or that all married women are Erica Kane (AMC) who will divorce them at their pampered whim and take their money and children.

    Not that such people don’t exist, because the stereotypes are there for a reason, but we have to objectively look at them as people of little character who are easily influenced by the artificial cultural norms set by the media. However, there ARE honorable people, men and women, out there who are committed to their word, will be faithful to their spouses, and will love their children. More than we think.

    It’s that those of us who have been burned by the Mini-Hefs, the Gamesters, the Carrie Bradshaws, and the Erica Kanes are going to have to be brave, get back on the horses we were knocked off of, put on our Big Boy Underoos and Big Girl Panites and remount. We have to be better about seeing through all the media hype and be more discerning about character. Get to know each other again, the old-fashioned way, through our friends and families and interests, and then proceed from there rather than base all our judgments through our initial level of attraction to people that are often flighty and neurotic.

    VB, I have done the “single parent thing” and you have your work cut out for you in triplicate, but I hope you can knock the chip off your shoulder to find the right guy as I had to do. You have so much to offer and I think you would be an excellent wife or partner if you gave yourself a shot. If my children were still young like yours, I would be looking at Parents Without Partners, so you’d get a guy who has similar responsibilities and would be more sympathetic to your child-centric priorities.

    My oldest son loves me and I don’t think if I had stayed single that would have changed, but it did not escape my notice that he was hungry for gender identification. When he was a baby, he actively mimicked the men of my acquaintance. His babysitter was married to a man who had to stand in a certain way due to a wartime injury and I stumbled on him in that posture. Luckily, I had my father and my brothers as well as my friends, one of which I eventually married. Not long after my husband died, he recently found and bonded with his biological father. Though a selfish part of me hates sharing him, I have to admit that the experience has had a major positive impact on him.

    My position on men as evolved quite a bit since the little guy drafted this feminazi, kicking and screaming, onto Team Man. The way I look at White men these days is the way I look at a beautiful old mansion that has been trashed by vandals. The place definitely needs some restoration, but the structure is still sound. I wouldn’t walk away from that house, I’d do everything I could to restore it to its old grandeur.

    White women who fall into the Mini-Hef and Gamester Stereotype are like idiot Whites walking away from mansions that could easily be restored to live in shacks that are stapled together by illegals. A major character flaw of us Aryans is that we are way too reactionary as well as impulsive. Let’s take a good look at what we have and figure out not only a way to preserve what we have, but restore what we used to have.

    1. vikingbitch

      You are wrong about Aryans.

      They/we are not reactionary or impulsive. That’s a different group of people… The Groids perhaps.

      I hope you older WN women and men can stop being so pedantic because that is honestly how many of you come across.

      I can take marriage or leave it. It is not an end all be all for me. Why do women have to be married in order to have male role models for White Children?

      Can’t this so called ‘movement’ get over traditions that obviously have not worked else they would not have fallen apart to begin with?

      Look, I like men. I have tried to be friends with men both inside and outside this movement, as well as married people, yet I have been bashed and maligned. I have tried to be friends with lesbians, who basically have the mindset of Talmudified White Men yet they have vaginas, and that did not work.

      Why must every single person be partnered? And please spare me the BS about ‘its for the children’ because it is not.

      It is about conformity. Single men and women are the most discriminated group. This society is so obsessed with ‘relationships’ yet does everything in its power to destroy them.

      Can’t we just live and let live? Is that not the natural Aryan way?

      I believe it is. Recall that Jesus Christ was ‘gasp!’ SINGLE! And poor. And a farmer. And hung out with women.

      I like your stuff Cly but you underestimate and misunderstand me.

  4. clytemnestra57

    VB, our situations may be too different to be relatable. I became responsible for a child less than twenty years ago and I imagine a lot has changed for new mothers since then. So, I can only reference my own observations and experiences. Obviously, your situation may be night and day different from mine and you have to do what works for you. I’m sorry if I came off as a back seat driver.


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