Desensitization and What is Beauty?

I caught this propaganda piece while checking my email.  It was on the front page of AOL.  It is talking about a movie I never saw but I’ve heard about it a lot so it must have been rather hyped, oops I mean popular.

The story caught my eye right away because of the photo of the “beautiful” child that was featured.  Her name, Tami Stronach sounded “funny”.  And then her looks….gave her away completely              tami

For the last two years I have been training myself to recognize Jews.  Yes, I know how it sounds…paranoid.  BUT International Jews ARE winning the White Genocide war and they are extremely race conscious, extremely “paranoid” so I feel we too must be better at recognizing our enemies so we know what the hell is going on, instead of continuing in our naivety.

And if you think I’m picking on a kid, I’m sorry but she’s in her thirties now and appears to be successful.  Successful enough to have had a nosejob, anyway.

So if you’re still reading, observe the photo.  None of the things I am about to describe taken alone are indications of a Jewish persona.  Taken together though, and with a likely Jewish last name (and yes, I see that it was originally a Scottish Name meaning NOSE! but read on) I had my suspicions.  See her full lips.  See her ugly very turned up nose.  I’m sorry but this is not beauty, looking up someone’s nose.  See the puppy dog eyes of an middle eastern/asiatic.  See the attached earlobes.  Below is a comparison of detached (photo A) versus detached (photo B) ear.  Many (not all) Jews and mischlings have attached ears.  Detached ears are a dominant genetic trait so we don’t see too many attached ones.


So anyway…next, I looked on Wikipedia.  Now as we know, Wikipedia doesn’t always tell the truth but in this case it confirmed to me that Tami Stronach is indeed part-Jewish.

Now why did I go to all this trouble?  Well first, when I saw this photo, I immediately though of the little 9 year old girl who, a few days ago was being touted as “the most beautiful girl in the world”.  I could write a paragraph or two about THAT piece of pedo-propaganda (which I am not linking) BUT I think this Tami article, coming out so quickly after “the most beautiful girl” article is significant.  “The most beautiful girl” is Aryan and Tami is Jewish.  Clearly it’s a front page competition.  But there’s no competition.

And further, it shows how even thirty years ago, Jewish children were being foisted on us and we were being told they were beautiful…when they are not.  I’m not by any means saying this child was hideous but she is certainly note of noteworthy beauty…not even average in my opinion.

The same is done all the time with Negresses.  Does anyone believe that the half-White Haley Berry’s  loooong walk out of the ocean (with her nose and boob-jobs) in the movie, “Die Another Day” was not designed to turn normal men into race-mixers?  Don’t kid yourselves.  And good old “Time Magazine” made her “The Most Beautiful Woman in the ENTIRE World”.  And many men believed it.

Try to realize when you are being played.  Learn to recognize a Jew.


11 thoughts on “Desensitization and What is Beauty?

    1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street Post author

      You’re right…maybe it’s different with mischling. Maybe things just get all messed up or maybe it is actually from her Scottish DNA as her last name DOES seem to have something to do with noses.

      I guess I just got lucky figuring out her Jewishness or maybe there are things I see, patterns I put together that are hard to quantify. Not sure….she just looks “funny”.

  1. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Good piece Aryan Street!
    This is why I do not expose my kids to media and Hollyweird because it is all about promoting the Jew.

    In my twenties, even though I was aware that Jews were a total pain in the ass, I was not so aware as to how nefarious these pieces of shyte are. Anyway, I used to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer with Sara Michelle Gellar, a Jewess trying to be Nord.
    Hey, good luck with that!
    Looking back, I see how that show was just a vehicle to promote Ms. Geller Wannabe Aryan.

    Jews are all about THEIR promotion. If they would just stop their crap and their need to dominate, denigrate, and annihilate The Others, they could be okay, but in the final analysis, one cannot change what one is.

    You are what you are. You can paint a turd gold, but it is still a turd.

    I recognize now that I had a relationship with a Crypto International Jew. I called him out a number of times on this and he would stare that others thought he was a Jew too. Hey, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it IS a duck. This man in many ways envied me and projected alot of Eroticized Rage onto me. I suspect he may have been bisexual too…typical sordid Jew.

    Anyway, true Aryan beauty stands on its own. Nord beauty is timeless.

  2. Paladin Justice

    That business about attached earlobes is very good to know. Mexicans often exhibit that trait. I recall wondering where it came from. Maybe from their black genes? Or their Jewish ones? Many Mexicans have some Jew admixture in them. You can see it in the noses and other traits.

  3. icareviews

    A lot of Jewesses are highly attractive and hard to spot – Gwyneth Paltrow, for instance.

    This person in the picture is an okay-looking kid, but nothing special for a child actress. I do think you’re right that a pedophiliac agenda is increasingly apparent, though, in the way child actors are presented to the public. The most extreme examples of this I’ve seen are the Hit Girl character in Kick-Ass and the juvenile stripper in Bad Grandpa (a film I refuse to see after witnessing the trailer).

  4. Craig

    Well mine are attached. 30% Europeans have them attached, 65-70% Chinese and East Asian are attached(That explains the Astatics from America), a % of jews too, hijacked? Who knows. I doubt anyone will do the DNA research on ears. Maybe one day eh. One thing though free earlobes are alot easier to tear off, particularly if they have metal in them. This is something cops look for on perps, much easier to pull someone’s head hair or metal piercing to the ground then be nice, and do a formal procedural take down.

    I’m Borreby/KelticNordic or KelticNordic/Borreby depends on what features you’re looking at. This trait attached earlobes is also associated with Northern Nordic types.

    It’s pick on the fucking Borreby day in’it. 🙂

    Sounds to me some of you need to hang out at geek anthro boards and learn the old science of the Nordic races .


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