It’s Everywhere-Learn to survive the knockout game

Just a report from the street.  Garden Grove, California

As we all know, Obama and his minions have Blacks all stirred up about “da racism”.

A friend of a friend in Southern California had ordered food at a fast restaurant a couple of days ago.  He needed to use the restroom so while the restaurant prepared his food, he went to use the restroom.  Apparently, while he was in the restroom, two Black males walked in with the intention to buy meals.  When the friend of a friend got back from the restroom, his order was ready so he paid and left the restaurant.  Simultaneously, the two Black males left the restaurant in a huff because they didn’t realize that he had been in the restroom before they arrived, which was why his food was ready more quickly than theirs.  They thought they were being discriminated against because he got his meal before them!

Once outside the Black males told my friend’s friend that White people had better start watching their backs.

This is real guys.  Please be situationally  aware of your surrounding at all times and please learn to defend yourself.  Learn how to survive the knockout game.


9 thoughts on “It’s Everywhere-Learn to survive the knockout game

  1. just say it straight

    Well, typically dumb negroes.
    Because you need to actually place an order, then you wait, then you can receive it and leave.
    As such, after said white person left the bathroom, i’m sure he went and got his order directly without saying anything.
    To anyone with a brain, it would seem fairly logical that he already placed an order and took it later (since obviously there’s a waiting time to cook it), but to monkeys it seems like discrimination if the white man got it first (even if he was there before them).


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