Your Credit Rating

What is a credit rating?

In theory, it is like your reputation.  You pay your bills on time, so you are a good person, so you can get more credit (and pay more interest, lucky you!).  By the by, in the old days when we lived in small villages, your reputation, for better or worse, was spread by word of mouth by YOUR OWN PEOPLE not some computer system run by and proffited from by Jews.

In the REAL WORLD, a man like Donald Trump or any big name corporation can file bankruptcy, and commit numerous crimes against humanity then come up smelling like roses one year later..never missing a beat.  Still in business.

But not you, working White man.  You are $ucked if you are late for two months on your visa bill.  Can’t rent a place to live or buy a house, you scoundrel.

It is designed that way but you don’t have to play their game.  You can live without credit.  Read this for a wake-up call.

Here are a couple of ways to live without credit.

Pay cash.  It’s fun having a wad of cash in your wallet (money clip or brassier ) and there’s no interest to pay.  PLUS bigbank Jews and the Jewrun Gov can’t track your purchases when you pay cash.

Need a credit card for something you want to buy online?  Pay a friend who is still in the system to use THEIR credit card.  No friends?  Well that’s something you need to remedy.  Friendship and community are the only credit that count ya know…unless you LIKE being lorded over by rat-faces.

Buy a car with cash.  Keep repairing it until the wheels fall off and while doing so, save the money you aren’t paying toward an overpriced new car PLUS INTEREST for your next beater car.  Rinse, repeat.  Can’t afford a car?  Buy a bike (incidentally, if you REALLY want to hide out, electric bikes don’t even require having a driver’s license OR registration) take the bus, walk or share a vehicle with someone.  There are probably some Whites out there who are having trouble affording their car payment.  Find a trustworthy person in this situation (they are out there…stop being lazy and find them) and offer to pay them to drive their car when you absolutely must have a car to drive.  There are also people who aren’t allowed to drive because of a DUI-there are nice people who screw up and get DUIs.  (For the record, I’m not one of them but only because I never got caught driving after having two lousy drinks).  Perhaps something could be worked out with someone like that.  Think!  Be creative.

Rent homes from private parties instead of the big corporation who will most certainly check your credit.  I had bad credit a few years ago and for whatever reason…the private party I rented from a few years ago didn’t care.  I had a decent documentable income and I presented myself as clean and neat.  He never raised my rent either in the almost 10 years I lived there.  It is do-able.  You just can’t get a defeatest attitude about it.  If you get turned down, try again until you find something.  If that doesn’t work buy a motor camper/rv/van and sleep in that until you figure it out.

The most important thing I want to share is that you certainly don’t have to kill yourself or even think disparagingly about yourself because of bad credit.  Most White people don’t purposely not pay their bills and even if you did purposely stiff a bunch of Jew $cumbags, so what?

If you are an Aryan man or woman you have the ability to adapt or even invent your way out of anything.  How do you think we survived the frozen tundras of the north?  Our great ancestors took what they had from wherever (lands they left behind and stuff they found along the way) and made great societies.  Our adversities such as the iceage MADE US what we are today.  And this Jew problem we have experienced for the last few hundred years is just another ice-age for us.  We will figure out how to deal with it, just as our ancestors did.  In the meantime all YOU have to do is survive and spread the word.


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