Good Advice For Urban-Living Whites

Hat Tip / Political Animal at Eradica.

Here is one story from the local 7-11 from yesterday. Abe was tending the counter when an oppressed individual entered with a single dollar and demanding a pack of cigarettes. Abe told him to get lost. The punk pulled a knife. Abe drew the steel bar he keeps from behind the counter and the punk left. He now keeps the door locked overnight and opens it for each customer.

Conduct yourself like Abe. Realize that civilization was a lie and is now blatantly rotting under the postmodern sun, and therefore no longer requires your complacence to prop up its teetering image. Wake up White Man! Your enemies gather above and below to drag you down and take everything that you have not already surrendered to them. You could use a White Tecumseh just now but I don’t see him on the horizon.

Where are the White men who want to be able to defend their friends and family and property and person? Where have they gone?

Could it be, as I have contended since 1998, that they sold the rights to their mansong to USA Records?

Look White People, thank the current Criminal in Chief for finally letting you know that you are slaves living under a reign of terror, instigated and enabled by those above, and enforced by those below. The local, state and federal police and media are denying that white people can be racially attacked. The subtext here is that your death is a misdemeanor [and is your racist ancestor’s fault in any case] and the injury or death of your innocent black teen attacker is a hate crime.

It is just heating up my fellow prey items—you are food, get used to it.

John Wayne is not the President.

Clint Eastwood is not the chief of police.

Snoop Dawg is the President.

The chief of police used to act in commercials about men who were too stupid to spend their own money and had to be reeducated by their wife.

Mother Theresa gave Bill Cosby a blow job.

Spike Lee took down the Third Reich, and Horror Movie Director Eli Roth defeated the army of Erwin Rommel with a bat.

Get used to it.

The White American Man sold his soul at McDonalds, sold his woman to Wal-Mart and put his balls up for sale on e-bay.

Good luck getting all that back

From here on out, you White People have been served notice that you are not permitted to defend yourself against minorities, and that if you do you will be persecuted. The purpose of this is to get you to beg for martial law, support the expansion of The Patriot Act, and willingly finance more proactive policing. All this stands to benefit the rich whites living in gated communities and for whom the current Criminal in Chief is nothing but a shucking and jiving Uncle Tom.

Suggested Action Plan:

1. Strategic driving around minority populations, not through

2. Evasive driving out of minority areas

3. A commitment to never ask for directions in a minority area, for then you will be attacked

4. Using the car as a weapon against armed attackers [although you will face criminal charges]

5. Short extension weapons like tire thumpers, tire irons, flashlights, hand umbrellas, rolled up magazines and long neck 22-24 ounce glass bottles, should be kept handy in case you are compelled to step out of the car

6. Specific forearm conditioning by striking a post or punching bag with sticks so that bone breaking shots may be landed without swinging the weapon.

7. A weekend with the Dog Brothers on the West Coast, their affiliate in Chicago, or with Modern Agonistics on the East Coast, to have the reality beaten into your pasty white ass.

On a martial note: any of my stick fighters armed with an umbrella, tire iron or simple legal mop handle would have crushed these guys. Then again suggesting to an American man that he should learn how to fight is rude. A suburban friend of mine carries a baton in his car to defend against the numerous red neck road ragers driving down from Pennsylvania to buy their crack and heroin in Baltimore. On many occasions he has been threatened with his two toddler girls in the car by angry white men. So, with white men and black youths ever more likely to drag white men from their cars how come white men won’t let me teach them how to win fights with a rolled up newspaper or a $5 umbrella? I do not even charge for coaching, and am one of the best blade and extension weapon fighters on the East Coast. Is there some creeping aversion to being a man?

As far as the car situation, being seated always puts you in a vulnerable position even if you are in an F-16. I suggest using the vehicle for evasive driving. Run a red light and break whatever traffic laws need broken to avoid being stopped by innocent black teens.

More here.


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