Gustavo Arellano-Mexican Privilege on Display


While you try to remember who the heck this little man is, I also want to ask you, does he remind you of anyone?

shirt off David-Stein-Republican-Party-Animals

David Cole – Degenerate Attention Whore, Holocaust Questioner/Republican Animal

My detractors will say I see Jews everywhere but still, this Arellano guy doesn’t look like your average wetback does he?

Gustavo Arellano is an anti-White author.  He is best known for his magazine column called “Ask A Mexican” where he makes up stupid questions that he imagines Americans ask about Mexicans.  Then he answers them.   This column appears in a filthy rag of a magazine called the OC Weekly.  The reason I call it a filthy rag is because almost the only paid advertisers are “massage parlors”.

So a Mexican acquaintance of mine happened upon a lecture Arellano at her local library and reported back to me.  Yep, I have agents.  Hahaha.  Good thing they work for free.

So this Arellano guy is a like me in many ways.  His predecessors were immigrants, just as mine were.  But here is where the similarities end.  While I and my children have been working class our whole lives and paid for our own college educations, this guy, son of poor immigrants managed to get his bachelor’s degree from CHAPMAN University- a Private University, mind you, then get his masters from UCLA.  How does the son of poor immigrants do such a thing?  Where does the money come from to “educate” a Mexican to hate Americans.  Oh, it comes from the very Americans he hates.

He says he doesn’t hate us but he scornfully mentions at least 3 times in his lecture the “ignorance” of Americans regarding Mexican culture.  And obviously he wasn’t talking about Americans of Mexican descent.  He means White people.

Ya see White boy, while a third of your income was being taken by the USGOV so that (among other things) POS Arellano could be taught to hate you,  YOU were supposed to be learning about Mexican culture.  It is your duty to know the intimate details of every one of the thousands of types of peoples that have come into this geographical area.

So poor little Gussie gets his Master’s degree and lands a job in a magazine right out of University.  Imagine that.  More privilege.  Still, he hates.

He admits to making up the first question in his “Ask a Mexican” column, so we can be reasonably sure he made up many other “questions” about Mexicans along the way because, ya know what?  Most people are too busy trying to make a living to worry about what Mexicans are doing.  Most of the comments I hear from White people are things along the lines of, “they sure have a lot of children”.  And, “are we paying for those children?”  But I digress.

Oh and he calls his agitrop satire.  Then later explains that satire is a teaching tool.  Yah, we know.

Arellano is sad because so many Mexican restaurants in Southern California used the stereotypical Mexican in a sombrero to advertise.  index

But I hardly think it is OUR fault if HIS people did this to get business.  REALLY Dude?  All that college and this is what you find disturbing?  I find it disturbing that I can barely find a White mechanic in my town.  I don’t like the slipshod job done on my car by non-Whites.  And anyway, if it wasn’t for the Spaniards invading your country, you probably wouldn’t have even had the sense to wear hats.  Oh wait, I’m sorry, here are your hats.


Arellano revels in the fact that Whites, even “the supremacists” like Mexican food.  I say so what.  All the large chains that serve that slop were opened by Whites or Jews.  We don’t need Mexicans here to get spicy food.  Mexicans are easily replaced.  EASILY.

Arellano thinks he has shut down “White Supremacy” in Orange County.  I say, he has just made us angrier and smarter.

Well that’s all the ranting I have time for today.


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