Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

I hope I haven’t already posted about this!

When I was a young girl,  I used to visit with my neighbor and best friend at her house a lot.  She was an only child and very close with her parents. Being neighbors, her parents became good friends over the years with my parents, as well.

I remember realizing one day (I must have been around 8 years old) that Mr. M. slept in the tv room every night on a hide-a-bed.  I naively asked Mrs. M. the reason for this.  She was clearly not happy that I asked this question and more or less told me to mind my business.  hehe.

I watched and realized over the years that sometimes Mr. and Mrs. M didn’t get along very well.  They were still excellent parents.  Sober, hard-working and they doted on their daughter, not just with material things but with attention and teaching her things.  But they argued sometimes, even in front of people.

Well life went on and I didn’t think about these things very much.  Mr. and Mrs. M. still went around together, kept their house up, enjoyed their rock garden and the plants they cultivated that attracted rare birds and wildlife.  Their daughter went off to college and I moved far away from home.  I would hear about them from time to time and always see them when I came back home to visit my parents.

One year, many years after I had left home and was visiting, I realized something.  Mr. and Mrs. M. were….best friends!  With their daughter out of the house and Mr. M retired, the two of them visited relatives all over the country, went to the beach in the winter time (crazy!!) and kept up with their hobbies-TOGETHER.  So I talked to them about all this.  I told them I remembered a time when they didn’t get along as well.  The told me that they just stayed together because the were Catholic and Catholics don’t believe in divorce.  Now I’m not trying to promote Catholicism here but what I am promoting is sticking to your marriage, through the hard years so that you have a best friend in your old age.  I’m sure it was very hard for them to stick with it sometimes…and they probably didn’t even know that someday they would be best friends but they did it.

All of us mellow out as we get older.  And we need each other.  Let’s spend our youthful and middle years investing in our marriages and families so we will have each other.  It is not always easy but it is SO worth it.


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